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We are committed to customer service

We take customer service seriously. Most customer service requests are handled within a few hours during the week, 1-2 days on weekends. When you write to us, please give us as much information about your situation as possible, and remember, we are not magicians or mind readers. "It doesn't work," (a real customer service request by the way) is not very helpful to us. If you're canceling a membership or having problems with access, it's very helpful if you can write to us FROM the email you used to sign up.

We also take your privacy and confidentiality seriously. We do not share our members' data with any other company or entity. EVER.

For Customer Service Questions

Please use only for customer-service related questions, and disregard all past customer service emails.

To cancel your membership or change your password, simply visit THIS page. If you have any trouble, feel free to email.

Our general mailing address and toll free number are:

ABCD Graphics and Design
977 Seminole Trl., #233
Charlottesville, VA 22901


Please note that the toll free number is a voice mail box. A "real" person will NEVER answer. You must leave a message. However, an alert that we have received a call is delivered instantly to our customer service email box.

For Site Related Questions

Please contact Bethany at:

Queries to Bethany would include pointing out broken links, requests to exchange links, questions about specific stories, or site content.

Interested in Writing For Us?

Bethany's Woodshed publishes only brand new and exclusive spanking erotica. Most of our stories are novella length, consisting of AT LEAST five 4000 word chapters. All of our writers are paid for their stories. Bethany's purchases all fiction for publication on our website as "work for hire."

If you are interested in writing for us, please contact Bethany at If you have material that is not new and exclusive (but that you hold the rights to ) or if you do not wish to sell your material outright, we do have other publishing opportunities on other sites.