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A note to readers: This story is a fantasy. In real life, we should keep things safe, sane and consensual. We should always make sure we know the people with whom we play.

Chapter One

The letter came on a Monday. There was no return address, but when Leese turned it over, and saw the embossed seal of an entwined S and K on the flap, her hands trembled.

Strunk and Kelp. She hadn’t visited the club in seven months. She really hadn’t gone anywhere in seven months. That was one of the joys of working from home; she could get up, do her work, read a little, watch TV, go to bed and then get up and do it all over again. She didn’t have to worry about talking to coworkers, who would ask her how she was faring since being dumped by her boyfriend.

Many times, she had wondered what she would say to those people. “I’m just fine, thank you very much. I mean, hearing your boyfriend say he needed an extra wide belt to spank your ass doesn’t hurt at all.”

Belle was the only person Leese had allowed to see her true feelings. The two of them had been friends from grade school, after they had been seated next to each other in class, and it was through Belle that Leese had met Ron, her now ex lover.

A talk with Belle would be good right now, but she was at work at The Magnificent Mile. Several times, Belle had offered to try and get Leese hired by the women’s clothing store where she worked, but Leese had always declined the offer. She was happy being a web designer. She made good enough money to have a nice home in the Chicago suburb of Northbrook. She loved the nature trails where she could take long walks every morning, planning out her website designs and savoring the fresh air.

Belle on the other hand loved living in Chicago proper, savored the sounds and smells of city life.

But the two opposites were best friends, and right now Leese wanted nothing more than to ask her friend what she should do with the letter in her hand.

“The first thing you should do is open it,” Leese said to the empty room. She put her finger under the flap and tore off a corner. “Letter opener,” she whispered as she crossed to her office door. She went inside and settled behind her desk, opening the drawer and taking out the sword-like opener.

One swift movement and the envelope was open. She took out the single sheet of paper inside. She unfolded it slowly. The words were written in beautiful script, and they made Leese’s heart beat faster.

I have missed seeing you

Meet me at Strunk and Kelp

Wednesday evening

9 PM

Leese turned the paper over, looking for a signature, and found nothing. There was no indication that the club was holding a party, or if this was a single invitation. Something told her it was the latter, but why would they make contact after seven months? That was a long time to miss someone and not do something about it.

That brought up another strange point: who exactly were they? The words I and me had been used instead of we or us.

A check of her watch showed that Belle would not be off work for another three hours. Which stunk, because she needed to talk to her friend now.

“Stop being a dweeb,” she said. Talking to herself was a habit she had, since she was alone so much. Belle had told her to get a dog, or a cat, but Leese had refused, saying she wanted nothing more than to be alone.

Right now she wanted nothing more than to be with a person. She just wished she knew which person had invited her to S&K. Leese and Ron had been regulars at the club, going once a week so that Ron could dominate her. But that had been in the days before Ron had rejected her.

Right now, the only D/s time she had was watching videos she ordered online. They had made her crave the company of a man, true, but she had resisted trying to find one. Breakups were too painful to open herself up to another Dominant.

With that thought, Leese made her decision about the letter. She slipped it back into the envelope and put it into her desk drawer. Then she crossed the room to her workstation, where three different computers were set up for her to create. There were two websites and one customer’s newsletter that needed her immediate attention. It was time to go to work.

She would ignore the letter. Nothing good could come of it.

* * *

The next letter came on Thursday. The envelope and seal were exactly the same as the first one. It was much more strongly worded than the first, and it made Leese’s hands tremble, but in a good way. The piece of paper shook as she read it.

It is not a good idea to ignore a Dom

Swats are doubled when subs ignore a summons

Prepare for a sore bottom

Be at S&K by 9 PM Saturday

Once again there was no signature; no clue as to who issued the command that she be at S&K on Saturday evening. But a thought occurred to her as she examined the envelope again: the seal could only be used by someone with ties to S&K. She thought back about what she knew about the BDSM club.

There were two owners, Alec Strunk and Rhett Kelp. They would certainly use the seal. Would any of the employees be allowed to use something like that? She wasn’t sure, because the invitation didn’t seem to be related to the business. It was a personal thing.

Did that mean the person sending her the correspondence was either Strunk or Kelp? She had never met either of them, although she knew Belle had played with Alec Strunk on a few occasions.

Leese had resisted her urge to tell her friend about the original letter, thinking it would go away and she wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. But now she knew whoever was sending them would not stop, and she had to talk to someone about the situation.

Once again, she had three hours before Belle was due to get off work. This time, Leese sent her a text, asking her to call as soon as she got off work. An hour later, Leese received a text from Belle asking her to dinner that evening. Meet for pizza, usual place, 7 PM, the text read.

Leese sat down and started to work, setting her timer so that she would have enough time to clean up and get to the restaurant on time.

* * *

“I don’t know why you think she’s going to just show up.” Alec Strunk plopped himself down in a chair next to Rhett Kelp’s desk. “Seems to me as if you’re playing a game of cat and mouse.”

“I know,” Rhett said with a laugh. “Isn’t it fun?”

Alec chuckled. “Just call her and ask her if she wants her ass spanked. That would be the best thing to do. Belle said Leese needs a good spanking, and if she knows Belle sent you, she’s going to come across your knee and wiggle with delight when you slap her bottom.”

Rhett shook his head. “That takes the fun out of it. I enjoy a good chase, and something tells me I’m going to get one out of Leese.”

Alec pushed himself up from the chair and crossed to the desk the two of them shared. There was paperwork to take care of today, and bills that needed to be paid. Their BDSM club was housed in an old Victorian near the shores of Lake Michigan. It had three stories, multiple rooms and three turrets, one that had been made into an elevator. The other two were what Alec and Rhett called specialty rooms, which could be rented by a Dom for a private evening of fun with his sub.

Rhett planned to use one of these rooms to culminate his evening of fun with Leese DeWitt. So far she’d done exactly what he thought she would. He was pretty sure she would be at S&K Saturday evening, and then the second half of his plan would come into play.

By the time Halloween came around, Leese would have been spanked several times; and she would be thrilled about every strike she received.

“Did you talk to Belle?”

“Right after you played with her the last time,” Rhett said. “She was in the clean up room, still shaking from the orgasm you gave her. She agreed to her part. I hope she keeps to it and doesn’t spill the beans too early.”

Alec moaned just a little, and Rhett was pretty sure he was remembering good times with the blonde sub. “She’ll be a good girl. To sweeten the pot I’ll promise her some time on the St. Andrew’s Cross in the main room. She loves to be on display while she’s whipped. I’m only too happy to do my part in bringing Ms. DeWitt out of her shell.”

“Thanks for your help,” Rhett said. “Belle tells me she loves the feel of leather. Can I borrow that thin strap you keep in your room?”

They might share an office, but they each had a private room that only they used.

“Of course. I’ll get it for you now.”

Rhett held up his hand to keep his friend from leaving. “I don’t need it right now. In fact, it will be a few days before I actually spank her. The fun part will be the buildup.”

* * *

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about this in the first place.” Belle put down her fork and crossed her arms over her chest. “You get some sort of mysterious letter from S&K and you don’t respond? All you do is put it in a drawer? I thought you missed being spanked. That’s what you told me, remember? You said you needed to be spanked so badly you were half tempted to respond to a personal ad that offered an over the knee spanking.”

Leese looked away from her friend. She was embarrassed that she had, at one point, been tempted to pay someone to spank her. There was a newsletter that she designed that had personal ads that offered just such things. When she’d first seen them she had thought doing such a thing would be dangerous. But the more time she spent away from Ron, the more she’d thought it might be worth the risk.

But now… no, she couldn’t do it, any more than she could respond to an anonymous letter that told her to come to a BDSM club.

“Who do you think it’s from?” Belle asked.

“How in the world would I know?” Leese answered. “You’ve read both of them, and there is no marking. I can only guess it’s from one of the owners.”

Leese cast a sly glance at her friend. “You’ve played with Alec Strunk. When was the last time you saw him?”

“Last week,” Belle said. “He gives such a good whipping. I’m wet just thinking about it.”

It was best to ignore such things, Leese decided. “Did he ask about me?” She knew it was the wrong question, because the man hardly knew her.

“No.” Belle winked at her. “Is there something you’re not telling me? Have you done a scene with Alec?”

Leese frowned. “Never, although I know he’s a very handsome man. I wish we had done something.” She waited a few beats before she continued. “What about his partner? Have you talked to him lately?”

“No.” Belle picked up her glass and took a drink.

Disappointment soaked into Leese’s bones. She had thought that maybe, just maybe, her friend would have some sort of answer for the situation. But it looked as if she didn’t.

“Will you do me a favor, then?”

Leese watched as a look of uncertainty passed over Belle’s face. It wasn’t like her friend to turn her down.

“That depends,” Belle finally said. “If you want me to go snooping around and try to figure out who sent the letter – well, I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.”

“Why not?”

Belle gave her a half smile. “My relationship with Alec is going pretty well. I’m afraid he might be upset with me if he finds out I’m asking questions of his staff.”

Leese’s shoulders dropped in defeat. “I suppose you’re right. It’s not right of me to ask you to do something that he wouldn’t like.”

But just as she thought all hope was lost, and she would have to either ignore the summons again, or go into it blind, Belle leaned toward her.

“I have an idea. They are having a party tomorrow night. You could wear a mask and go then. Whoever sent the letter won’t be expecting you to show up. That means you could ask questions and try to find out the identity of your secret admirer.”

Leese’s face lit up. “That’s a brilliant idea, except I won’t be going with a Dom. That would make me free game for the Doms that are there.”

“Wear a collar,” Belle said. “And if they ask, tell them your Dom is a doctor who was called away on an emergency and he’ll be back later. Give them a fake name. I’ll ask Alec to back you up if someone pushes the issue. He should be willing to do it if I grant him certain personal favors.”

“And that would be so hard on you,” Leese said with a grin.

“Horribly hard,” Belle said. “Go shopping tomorrow and find something that is sexy, and would look good with a mask.”

Leese had picked up her slice of pizza. Now she set it back down on her plate. “You know I don’t look sexy.”

“Bull,” Belle responded. “If you weren’t sexy, you wouldn’t be getting letters from unnamed Doms asking you to come to the club. Your attitude toward your looks is what’s wrong. It needs to change.”

This wasn’t the first time Leese had heard these words from her friend, who at five six and one hundred and thirty pounds was not a plus sized woman. But Leese, who was also five six, but weighed a little less than two hundred pounds, was more woman than most men wanted.

“I’m not even sure where to search for a costume,” Leese said. “Do you think I can come to your store and find something?”

They both giggled.

“There are lots of costume shops around town,” Belle said. “Find something tomorrow and don’t hold back, okay? Don’t look in the mirror and think you’re not the type of woman a man wants. Forget what Ron said, because he’s a dick. What you need to concentrate on is that you’re receiving letters from someone who wants to interact with you.”

Leese wanted to believe that her friend was right, but hearing it was one thing, and believing it was another. There was a part of her, a large part of her, that thought this would turn out to be some sort of joke.

It was trick or treat time, right? Would this turn out to be a trick, or a treat?

“Promise me you’ll go get a costume tomorrow,” Belle said.

Leese picked up her fork and toyed with her food. Finally, she said, “What do you think I should look for?”

* * *

“A serving wench.” The man at the door of Strunk & Kelp eyed her with interest. “Are you here alone, or are you meeting someone inside? Or is someone coming later?”

Leese smiled, happy that her choice of costume had gotten someone’s attention. The blouse was off the shoulder, and the skirt was long, but pulled up on the sides to reveal her legs. There was a waist cincher that held in her belly and pushed out her breasts.

“I’m here by myself,” she said, softly.

“You want to play, or you want to look? It will depend on the type of wristband I give you. I don’t think you’re a Domme, are you?”

Leese shook her head. When he asked for her name, Leese had given it without a second thought.

“Okay, Leese, red means available, blue means maybe, yellow means just observing. Which one do you want?”

She’d been here before, and knew the colors of the bands. Why she’d let him explain them to her she didn’t know. Maybe it was to give her time to back out. On the way over, she had gone over and over in her mind which one to choose, and had finally selected yellow. Now she wasn’t so sure. What if her secret admirer was here and he wanted to play. Would she say yes if he was, and he asked? Or would he not ask if she were wearing a yellow band?

“Blue,” she said before she’d had a chance to totally figure out what her decision would mean.

“Excellent,” the bouncer said. He picked up a blue band and held it out. Leese offered her wrist and he attached it before he took her twenty-dollar cover charge. “Have a good time,” he said. As she moved into the doorway her nervousness increased. She hoped she didn’t lose what little she’d had to eat before coming to S&K.

Once she’d dropped her coat off at the stand, she moved into the crowded space. The sounds of spanking reached her ears and she moaned ever so softly. It had been far too long since she had been spanked, and she needed it. Maybe she would allow someone to play with her tonight.

But then again, maybe not. She had no clue who she was looking for in this crowd of people, and she didn’t want to open herself up to any Dom but the one who was sending her letters.

Coming tonight might have been a bad idea. Leese fought the urge to leave. She pressed through the crowd toward the bar. S&K didn’t allow drinking in their establishment, only soft drinks or tea. She ordered a bottle of water and after she’d paid she moved into the main room.

There were lots of tables full of people wearing various costumes. A lot of the people already wore collars and for those who didn’t, she tried to check wrists. Doms/Dommes would wear nothing; subs would wear what she had on her arm.

There were different public rooms where scenes were taking place. Should she go to one of them, or should she stay in the main room and see if someone approached her?

This was a bad idea. She was just about to collect her coat and leave when a hand pressed into the small of her back.

“I wasn’t expecting you tonight,” a deep voice rumbled in her ear. “You miss one night, and come early the next. I think a punishment is in order.”

“I-I’m sorry, I…” Her voice trailed off, because she didn’t know what else to say. She started to turn, but a strong hand pressed against her cheek.

“Eyes forward.” She obeyed him, but it wasn’t easy. She wanted to see what he looked like. “Your costume is very appropriate. Serving wenches are very sexy, and since you will serve me tonight, you’ve dressed accordingly. You’re lucky there was a private room open. That way you and I can get to know each other more intimately.”

“How did you—”

“Silence,” he commanded her. “You will speak when spoken to, and not before. Come with me, wench, and behave yourself. If you do, you might receive a spanking. If you don’t, you’ll go home wanting one.”

The masked man stepped in front of her and Leese thought she would lose every breath in her lungs. His body was muscular, and his dark hair was cropped just above his wide shoulders. It was hard to tell exactly, but she guessed he was just a little taller than she was, which would make him around five nine or so.

Wetness formed in her folds as they walked. No one stopped them as they weaved through the crowds. At the back of the large room, he took a hallway to the right and opened the first door they came to. Inside, there were several spanking benches, a couch, dresser and a large leather recliner.

He shut the door behind them and, after she’d examined all the furniture, Leese lowered her gaze to the floor.

“Take off the skirt and blouse,” he ordered as he sat down. “But leave the cincher. I want to see you naked.”

Leese gasped, and under the mask that covered the upper half of his face, she could see his wicked grin.

“Too soon?”

She nodded.

“Lift your skirt and run your fingers into your folds.”

It had been far too long since anyone had made demands of her, and Leese loved being told what to do when it came to sex. She lifted the large skirt until it was just above her mound. Then she gently ran her fingers inside her. Wetness coated them as she moved them up and down.

“Come closer, wench.”

Leese obeyed.

“Show me your fingers.”

She offered him her hand, trying not to gasp when he ran his finger over hers. “Soaking wet,” he said. “Obviously it’s not too soon. Now, do as I said, or leave and don’t come back.”

Leaving wasn’t an option she wanted to follow, so Leese tugged the blouse out of the cincher. She did it slowly, because the costume was rented and she didn’t want to rip it. When it was free, she lifted it over her head. She had on the only strapless bra she owned, and she knew the minute it was undone, her breasts would spill forth like oranges from a ripped open sack.

She almost thought about leaving it until last, but decided not to. It took her a few moments to undo the clasps, but when she did, and her breasts appeared, she could see her unknown Dom’s eyes widen in appreciation.

“Splendid,” he said. “They will be even more beautiful with a few belt marks on them.”

Leese wanted to agree with him, but it hadn’t been formed in a question, and he hadn’t given her permission to speak, so she kept her mouth shut.

“Now the skirt,” he said. “Faster than the blouse, I hope. I don’t like to wait.”

The lower portion of the costume came undone quicker. Soon, Leese was naked except for the cincher around her waist.

“Lace your fingers behind your neck and spread your legs,” he said. “Focus your gaze on the wall opposite us.”

Goosebumps appeared on her flesh as she stood there. She knew that he was examining every inch of her body.

“Turn around.” When she was in position, he muttered his approval, and Leese smiled. “You have a very beautiful ass. I’m going to love putting some welts on it.”

Once again, his earlier command kept her from saying thank you.

“Tell me, Leese, why you ignored my first letter.”

Leese licked her lips. “I thought it was a joke.”

“Why would you think that?”

“Because I’ve never received a note from a secret admirer before.”

There was a short pause before he said, “I see. How long has it been since you’ve been topped?”

“Months,” she replied. “My last Dom—”

She stopped speaking when the masked man tapped his hand against her ass. “I know all about him, and we won’t discuss it.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

He got up from his chair and crossed to a dresser. Leese watched as he took out a piece of leather, and her body tingled in anticipation. He came to her and wrapped the leather around her neck, tying it in the front and letting the long strings drip down her front.

“Go and get me something to drink, a soda. I’m timing you, so you’d better hurry.” He looked at his watch. “You have three minutes.”

“But I’m naked,” she said. “Others will think… you know.”

“The makeshift collar will keep anyone from bothering you. Do as I say, Leese, or risk going home without a spanking. It’s your choice. What will it be?”



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