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Chapter One

“Samuel, there is a call for you on line three.” His secretary’s well-modulated voice came over the intercom, and once again he was reminded why he hired the woman. Her voice was calming, and she sounded young and sexy, yet she was old enough to be his mother!

“Give it to Danielson, Sarah. I am tired.”

“The man asked for you explicitly. He says he will make it worth your while to take his call.” Sarah obviously thought he should take the call, and he knew it was pointless to argue with her.

“Fine,” Samuel growled. “Put him through, and I swear I am going to charge him triple the going rate!”

“Could I have a raise?” Sarah quipped, and then giggled at her own joke before putting the call through.

“Samuel Parker here.” His voice was sharp and unemotional. In his business there was no room for emotions.

“Mr. Parker, Jude Bainbridge. I do not have time for pleasantries so I will come straight to the point. My daughter is coming home for a visit at the worst possible time. I own a newspaper and I print all sorts of controversial articles. My life has been threatened several times, and one sick bastard has promised to kill Tandy if I don’t burn down my office and stop printing a paper altogether. You get the drift. My daughter needs twenty-four hour protection, and she wants no part of it. I need someone who can stand up to her childish temper tantrums and do what is right for her, whether she likes it or not.”

“Why don’t you deal with her? Sit her down and reason with her.”

“There is no reasoning with Tandy. If I say white, she says black. If I say no, she does it to spite me. If I tell her yes to something, she will refuse to do it. She likes to try my patience, and I am at a loss to deal with her.”

“Have you thought of turning her over your knee and spanking her?” Samuel asked dryly. That is what he would do if she belonged to him!

“Precisely what she needs, but unfortunately I am physically unable to do that, Mr. Parker. I am paralyzed from the waist down due to the same accident that took my wife’s life ten years ago. Tandy has been difficult to handle since then. Believe me, if I had the use of my legs and could chase her down, things would be different. I need your help, Mr. Parker. I do not want to risk Tandy’s life.”

“Very well, Mr. Bainbridge. I will take on the case, and I will handle it personally, as you requested.” He didn’t dare send Makenna Danielson on this case. She would eat Tandy alive! He smiled as he started the interview, and by the time he hung up the telephone, Samuel knew Tandy Bainbridge as well as he possibly could, and he was determined to keep her safe. In his opinion, there was a crazy person out there who would try to harm the girl to punish her father.

* * *

Tandy was tired of putting her life on hold because of her father. She wanted to sing; she was good, and it was time to push her own career forward, in spite of her pain in the butt father! Why should she continue to live in London while he did what he wanted here? She was an adult and it was her time to push herself forward and launch her own career in the US. She was sick of worrying about what her father thought about anything. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t see the man until he blocked her path. Then she looked up and up and up into the dark eyes of the handsome man. Surely none of her fans followed her here? She’d told no one, except her aunt, of her intentions.

“Miss Bainbridge, I am Samuel Parker. Please come with me.”

“No. Leave me alone or I will call the police.” She didn’t have a clue who the handsome man was, but she would bet everything she owned that he was her father’s stooge. She hadn’t used the name Bainbridge since she was old enough to change her name. She hated her father and refused to use his name.

“I am here for your protection.”

“I did not hire you, so leave me alone.”

“Your father is concerned about you; there have been death threats.”

“Then go and protect him. What I do is none of his concern, nor is it any of your business.” Tandy tried to walk around Samuel, but he neatly stepped to one side and took her carry-on bag from her, and slipped his arm through hers.

“Do not make a scene, young lady. I promise you would not like the consequences.”

“If you dare put a hand on me I will scream this airport down around you. I cannot believe my father hired someone like you, especially after I warned him not to aggravate me in this manner. Go away and tell that son of a bitch to fuck off and leave me alone! Is that plain enough for you?” she demanded, and was shocked when Samuel clamped his large hand on her arm just above her elbow and led her to a small room that he used an electronic key to enter. “Where are we going?” she screeched, but that didn’t prevent her from noticing the nicer furniture decorating the lounge. It was obviously for VIP use only.

Samuel took a seat on a sturdy coffee table, and then hauled the brat over his knee and started spanking the seat of her worn jeans with the flat of his hand. “Is this plain enough for you?” he asked, continuing to spank her while she cursed and had a regular fit. “You do not call your father names; it is disrespectful, and you definitely do not use the f-word unless you want this to happen each and every time. Your father is trying to save your life and protect you, although why he would bother is beyond me. You need your mouth scrubbed with soap.” He wished there was a bar of soap handy, but there wasn’t, so he would content himself with giving her a sore ass.

“Stop! Stop this at once! You are hurting me! I’ll have you arrested!” Tandy threatened, but the dratted man didn’t seem impressed. He was putting some real effort into spanking her backside and it truly hurt! “Stop, please!” she begged. “Ow!” She didn’t want to cry, but she couldn’t help it. She was in terrible pain, and the tears started and she couldn’t stop them. “Ow! Please, no more! No more! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” she insisted.

“You are only sorry because you are getting a damn good spanking.”

“Yes! It truly hurts, and I want you to please stop!”

“Do you understand that I will do this again if you start name calling or cursing?”

“Yes, I understand! I won’t! I promise! Please, no more!”

His hand hurt, so Samuel stopped and stood her on her feet in front of him, letting her cry without offering her a bit of sympathy. “This is the way it is going to be, little girl. You will accompany me home, and you will not go anywhere without discussing it with me first. There will be no sneaking away, either. All of your appointments will be cleared with me. You will hand over your cell phone, you will use the phone I provide you with, and you will not give out the number to anyone. You will also wear a necklace that I had specially made for you. It has a tracking device built in just in case the worst happens and you are kidnapped. I will be able to locate you, and I will be able to rescue you. In the meantime, you will speak respectfully to me and to the others who work for me. If I am forced to spank you again, I will use a paddle and I guarantee you will think this spanking nothing but love pats by the time I am finished.”

“It is just like my father to hire some abusive jerk!”

“So far, little girl, you are the one dishing out abuse with your sassy mouth.” He looked at her critically and then pointed to a door in the corner of the room. “Go in there and scrub your face and comb your hair. You will not wish to draw unwelcome attention as we walk through the airport and out to the car. Go now,” he bossed, giving her backside another swat that was much lighter, but on her stinging bottom, hurt like hell!

Tandy started crying in earnest as she shut the door behind her. She couldn’t wait to undo her jeans and slide them down over her hips. Her poor bottom was stinging furiously, and rubbing did nothing at all to help. Still, she had to try and relieve the pain. There were no paper towels she could wet, either. She was going to suffer the burn until they arrived elsewhere and she could get into a cool shower and relieve the heat. She splashed water on her face, and then she ran a brush through her long, red hair. There was no help for it; anyone who looked at her would know she had been crying. She didn’t cry pretty.

Samuel knew that the situation would get worse before it got better. Tandy was spoiled; she was used to raising her voice and getting her way. That wouldn’t work with him, and she was going to have a major fit before she accepted the inevitable. Even worse was the fact that she was not taking the threats against her life seriously, and Sam wasn’t sure what he could do to make her realize that she needed to be very careful right now.

“Hurry up, Tandy. The car is waiting.” The door opened abruptly, and she marched out, fully prepared for battle. “I meant what I said, little girl. Behave yourself unless you want a scorching with a paddle that will leave you crying for a week.” He dropped a necklace over her head, and warned, “Do not take this off for any reason.”

“What a gentleman!” she sarcastically taunted him.

“I have never claimed to be a gentleman, and since you are no lady, it shouldn’t bother you all that much.” He took her arm and picked up her carry-on bag. “Come on.” Samuel headed for the door and marched her through the airport so quickly that she was running in her high-heeled pumps to keep up. Samuel was aware of what he was doing. She had to concentrate on moving forward and while doing that, she couldn’t plan mischief. It was best to get her out of the crowd as fast as possible.

Samuel’s well trained powers of observation had him picking out a man who looked out of place. Sam was ready when the man pulled a blade from under his coat and lunged at him. He took him down, and that quickly his own people honed in to deal with the situation while he marched her to the waiting limo.

“Very impressive,” Tandy snarled. “Sorry if I don’t applaud, but I’m not that naïve. Your actors were too rehearsed.”

“You aren’t that special, little girl. I don’t do drama. That man was trying to kidnap you. He threatened to cut you up until your father burned the newspaper office and promised never to publish a paper again.” His cell phone rang. “Parker.”

“Sam.” Tandy could hear the voice on the other end. “His name was Sconey Diggs. He’s the one who was making the threats. He swears he is working alone, but that there are others who want her dead to teach Bainbridge a lesson. The uniforms are taking him to Bellevue, and he will probably be released once he is disarmed and they calm him with some feel-good meds.”

“Okay, Morris. Let me know if anything comes up.”

“Will do, Boss. Do you want Sarah to call Bainbridge, or will you handle it?”

“That is Sarah’s specialty. Tell her to handle him with kid gloves; the man is worried sick over his kid.”

“I would be, too, if it was my Jenny,” John Morris said quietly, and Samuel was positive the man would be calling his daughter at college to hear her voice as soon as they hung up.

“Give Jenny my love, John,” Sam said, hanging up.

“You expect me to believe that was real?” Tandy scoffed.

“I expect you to behave yourself. You would be either dead or kidnapped right now if your father hadn’t hired us to protect you.”

“My father can go to hell!” she stated clearly and succinctly. “I want nothing to do with him, and that includes you. I am an adult, and he has no right to hire you to protect me. I do not want your protection, so stop this car and let me out at once!”

“It would serve you right if I did just that, but for some reason I cannot fathom, your father loves you, and for what he is paying me to keep you safe, I will do whatever I have to do to keep him happy.”

She balled her hands into fists and Samuel smiled. “Do it and you will regret it. I’m a lot bigger and a lot stronger.”

“I am going to have you arrested for kidnapping me.”

“I can prove I was hired by your loving father, and I can prove there was an attempt on your life at the airport. Your charge won’t stick.” His phone rang and he immediately answered. “Hello, Mr. Bainbridge.” He listened, nodding while the man spoke. “Sir, she is safe, not sitting too comfortably at the moment, but she is safe from Diggs.” He listened some more, and then answered truthfully, “She is still having a tantrum, but I will ask her.” He directed his voice toward her. “Your father wants to know if you will speak with him?” He looked at her and saw her look of anticipation. He spoke into the receiver, “She is not ready to behave yet, sir. Perhaps after I take a paddle to her a few times she will be more agreeable.” Bainbridge laughed, and the two men hung up.

“I thought you were going to let me talk to him!” Tandy demanded.

“Not so you can act like a spoiled bitch having a tantrum. When you are ready to behave, you can speak to your father; not until then.”

“You are insufferable!” She started patting her pockets, and then did so again, panic covering her face.

“Are you looking for this?” He held up her iPhone in the red case she used to carry it.

“Give me that!” She grabbed for her cell, but he held it out of her reach. “Give me my phone!” she yelled at him, then released her seat belt and was thrown forward as the driver had to stop quickly. “Oof!” Tandy let out her breath as she landed on top of Samuel. “Give me my phone, damn it!”

He gave her upturned bottom a hearty spank and she scrambled to get off his lap and back on her seat. “Buckle your seat belt, little girl.”

“I want my phone!”

“No. It is mine for the time being.”

“I have all of my appointments on my calendar, and all of my contact information for everyone! I need my phone! My life is on that phone!”

“Sorry. Right now keeping you alive is my job, and your telephone is disabled.”

She went white, and then red with rage. “I swear by all I hold sacred that I am going to fucking kill you, and then I am going to go after that asshole father of mine and send him straight to hell where he belongs.”

“There are bars of soap where we are going, and you have a date with one the first opportunity I have. You have crossed the line, Tandy Bainbridge.”

“I don’t use his goddam name. I hate him!” She looked out the window and refused to speak no matter what he said. When the car finally stopped, she reached for the handle and jerked it, but found it was locked. “This is not funny! Let me out of here NOW!” she screamed angrily.

Samuel shook his head, and then reached for the lock and flipped it. He then opened the door and she practically fell out of the limo in her haste to get away from him. She jumped out, regained her balance, and took off running, not giving a thought to the shoes she was wearing.

“Don’t get yourself lost, Tandy. There are wild animals around here.”

Tandy stopped in her tracks and looked around her and saw nothing but miles of country in every direction. There were no other houses, no lights, nothing but grass and sky and trees! She gave a loud scream of rage and turned to yell back toward the cabin. “You can just fuck yourself, you prick!” She set her back in determination and started walking. She wasn’t going to stop until she found someone with a telephone, and then she was going to call the police and have one Samuel Parker arrested, and then she was doing the same with her damn father. He only cared for himself, and this time he wasn’t going to win. She had appointments tomorrow that could well mean success or the end of her singing career in the United States before it even got started. Did her father care? Oh, hell no! Did that bastard Samuel Parker care? No, of course not! But, it was important to her and she was going to keep walking no matter how long it took!

An hour later, Crump looked at Samuel. “You sure we should just let her go, Boss? It’s starting to get dark, and…”

“She’ll come back when she’s had enough sulking.”

“What if she’s lost? Not everyone has our sense of direction,” Crump argued.

Samuel waited another hour and when she still hadn’t come back, he got to his feet. “I’m going to go and find the little brat. If she comes back here on her own, text me, then lock her in her bedroom!


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