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Chapter One

Amos Linville was in a grumpy mood, which was unlike him. He needed to get out of town before he exploded and hurt someone’s feelings, namely his pastor’s. The man just didn’t seem to believe that Amos was serious about not taking a wife, and he kept doing things to push Lydia, his youngest daughter, at Amos. Amos was determined not to marry, and even if he were, it wouldn’t be to Lydia! The girl was spoiled as could be, and what she needed was a good spanking. The pastor wouldn’t like it if Amos were to send his little girl home with a bottom too sore to sit upon. The thought made Amos smile, but it also caused a certain part of him to turn hard with a longing impossible to deny.

Amos took out his phone and made a call. “Hey, Sam! Is anyone up at the cabin this weekend?” He came right to the point.

“No, it’s all yours if you want, Amos.”

“I want. Thanks, Sam.”

“Make it a three day weekend, Amos. You’ve been working hard.”

“I just might do that,” he responded. Amos packed up some supplies and his fishing pole and tackle box, and soon had his car loaded. He was almost ready to leave when the dratted telephone rang. Amos took off running for the house to answer it. Something could have come up at work where Sam needed the entire team to report in. As soon as he answered, however, there was a hang up on the other end. He shook his head, walked back to his car, and then took off, planning to enjoy his time away from the city.

He turned on the radio and added his deep tones to the music playing. Music always put him in a better mood. The drive went well, and Amos couldn’t wait to cast his line into the lake. He decided the cooler would keep things cold for a little bit longer, and he grabbed his pole and headed for the water.

An hour and no fish later, he trudged up to the car, prepared to unload it and fix some lunch. However, the cooler was missing, as were the rest of the things he’d packed. Amos quickly took out his gun, and moved slowly and stealthily toward the cabin. There were no other cabins for ten miles in any direction, and the whereabouts of this cabin were a kept secret. Amos didn’t want to call Sam unless it was an emergency, so he decided to see who was inside the cabin. Damien wasn’t their only enemy, but he had managed to get the drop on them and nearly did for him and Sam, and would have if not for Sam’s little wife, Tandy. Amos liked Tandy, not because she saved his life, but because she was good for Sam. Sam deserved the very best.

Amos’ dark eyes were alert, as he looked everywhere at once. He slowly circled the cabin, but the windows were high and designed to keep anyone from looking inside. To his shock, he smelled food cooking, and that prompted him to enter the front door. He was almost positive someone was in the kitchen, so he walked in by way of the front room. It was empty, as were the bedrooms and bath. All that remained was the kitchen, and, as he suspected, someone was cooking… and it was Lydia!

“What are you doing here, young lady?” His voice boomed in the small kitchen, and it was easy to see he’d startled her. “Well, answer me!” He allowed his anger to show, and Lydia’s eyes opened wide as she backed up a few steps.

“Amos, please don’t yell at me! I am not used to that, and it is frightening. You are a gentle man, not a beast!” She managed to scold him, even though she was the one in the wrong.

“Listen here, girl, I am a man who is damn mad right now, and you’d best not take that scolding tone of voice with me when you are the one who is in the wrong. I asked you a question, and you’d best be answering right now.”

“I don’t know what you asked me,” she admitted in a small voice.

“What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to surprise you, and I wanted to see this place you are always talking about.”

“How did you get here? I know I wasn’t followed!” Sam would kill him if the whereabouts of this place leaked out.

“I hid in the backseat.”

“You what?” he roared.

“I rang your telephone inside the house, and then hid in the backseat where you couldn’t see me!”

“You little brat!”

“I just wanted to spend some time with you! You avoid me all the time,” she pouted.

“I avoid you because I don’t like you, Lydia,” Amos declared, and then wanted to kick his own butt when he saw the hurt in her eyes. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. I like you just fine, but I don’t like your pushy ways, young lady.”

“When am I pushy?” she asked.

He looked at her in disbelief. “This, Lydia.” His left hand encompassed the cabin. “You invite yourself to come along when I wanted to be alone, and you hide yourself in my car, and here you are! Do you know what you need, Miss Lydia Kelsey?”

“I am sure you are going to tell me!” She put her hands on her hips to glare at him.

“No, little girl, I am going to show you!” Amos said. He moved toward her, and she bolted and ran. Amos caught her before she went five steps, and lifted her off her feet. “Running from a former Special Ops warrior is very foolish. You have nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, and this place is so isolated I could do anything I wanted and no one would hear you call for help.”

“Amos, you are frightening me!”

“Good. Maybe the next time you get a foolish idea like this one, you’ll think twice.” He grabbed a wooden spatula from the jar on the counter, and then he took a seat on a stool and draped her over his left thigh.

Without warning, Lydia felt a hard spank on her rounded backside and then another. It was then that she realized Amos was actually going to spank her! “No, Amos! I am a grown woman, not a child!”

“You are a foolish little girl who stowed away in the back of my car, Lydia. What is your daddy going to think about this? I’m not going home until late Monday night, and you have one of these coming every day we are here!” he promised, spanking her butt for emphasis.

“I will have you arrested if you keep spanking me! It hurts, Amos!”

“It is supposed to hurt, and if you have me arrested, I will have you arrested for stowing away in my car and trespassing here.” He continued to spank her, giving her a real reason to holler as his hand fell repeatedly on the surface of her jeans.

“Ow! Stop! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Lydia started crying, but Amos didn’t stop spanking her even then.

“You are sorry you’re getting a butt warming, but you ain’t sorry you came up here. You are a pushy little female, girl, and your daddy should have done this to you a few times growing up.”

“He isn’t mean like you!” she shouted, losing her own temper. “What did I ever see in you? I thought you were a good man, Amos, but you have my daddy and everyone else in the church fooled! I hate you!” she screamed. “Take me home right now!”

“I’m not taking you anywhere. You got yourself here, and now you’ll stay until I am ready to go home.”

“Let me up!” she insisted, trying to get free.”

“Not until I’m finished with this, sugar. You won’t find sitting easy, I can promise you that.” He picked up the wooden spatula, and then said, “I should take your jeans down and do this on your bare butt, Lydia, but I have too much respect for your daddy to do that unless you keep pushing my buttons. If you do that, then the jeans will come down, and this will hurt even more than it does now.”

Lydia was shocked when the wooden spatula landed on her already stinging bottom. It hurt, and she wanted no part of it. “Stop, Amos! Please! I’m so sorry! I am! Ouch!” He ignored her pleas and spanked her sit spots. Her jeans were tight there, and it made the wooden spatula hurt even more. She’d picked the jeans, hoping to entice Amos, but she didn’t intend for this to happen! The spanking hurt. She started sobbing, and then he finally quit. She wanted to be held, but Amos had other ideas.

He picked her up and sat her smack on the stool he’d sat upon to spank her. When she tried to get up because it hurt so much, he pushed her down. “You are going to sit right here on your sore ass until I tell you that you can get up. I want you to think about this spanking, little girl. Think about it, and imagine just how sore you will be on Monday when I give you the third spanking.”

“Please let me get up, Amos! It really hurts to sit here! I can’t stand it!” Lydia begged him, but he wasn’t having it. He looked in the cooler and saw she had put everything away. She was also cooking something on the stove, and it smelled delicious. He already knew she was a good cook. He had eaten her cooking at the pastor’s house many times. “Amos. I’m sorry! I was rude to come without asking first. Please forgive me?” she begged of him, and he finally heard the sincerity in her voice that he was waiting for.

He put his hands on her waist and lifted her in the air and then he swung her around to stand her on the floor. “Now, that wasn’t so difficult, was it?” he asked her.

“I meant the words this time,” she assured him, but her eyes were full of tears.

“I could tell the difference.”

“Am I forgiven?” she asked.

“Yes, you are forgiven, but,” he shook a finger at her, “you will still suffer the consequences. I am not a man to push, Lydia.” He leaned down and kissed her forehead. “Is this food almost finished? It smells wonderful.”

“I wanted to surprise you,” she tearfully said, stirring the food. “I know how much you like to eat.”

“Yes, ma’am, I sure do love to eat, and your cooking is especially good, Lydia. Thank you for fixing us something. I’ll set the table.”

“I need to find the—”

“Down the hallway, and on the right,” he directed her. Once she had her back to him, he grinned. She was going to go and look at her bare butt and see the damage. He knew she was burning, but she had earned that spanking and he didn’t feel a bit guilty, either.

Lydia couldn’t wait to take her jeans down. Her bottom was on fire, and she expected to see smoke! Her skin was hot to the touch, but with her dark skin, it was hard to see how sore she was. Her sit spots were angry looking, however, and she wished she had a skirt to put on. She didn’t bring any clothing, thinking they would be returning before the end of the day. What could she do now? She stuck her head out of the door and yelled, “Amos, are there any women’s clothes here? Like a skirt?”

“Nope. You leave those jeans on. They’ll hold in the heat better.”

“Darn you, Amos! You want me to be miserable!”

“I want you to learn that pushing a man my size is not smart.”

“Okay. Lesson learned. Excuse me.”

“Where do you think you are going?” he asked as she walked outside.

“None of your business.”

“Yes, Lydia, it is my business. You made it my business when you hid yourself in my car and invited yourself up here. Now, where are you going?”

* * *

John Morris could hear his neighbor, Natalie, yelling at her sons… again. Saturday mornings were for kids to sleep in, watch cartoons, and just plain be kids. Natalie started yelling at seven o’clock and didn’t shut up all day. He was sick and tired of it.

“Damn it, Petey! Look at this mess! I’m going to set your butt on fire!”

“But, Mom, it was Jerry!”

“You’re the oldest; you should set a good example.”

John didn’t realize what he was doing until he was already inside Natalie’s house. “Will you boys be all right for a little while watching TV while I borrow your mom?” he asked quietly, taking Natalie’s hand in his own. “If there is a problem, yell. I will hear you. If you’re good, I’ll take you to the Golden Arches for lunch today.”

“Yay!” two of the three boys chorused. “We’ll be real good, Mr. John,” Jerry promised. “Won’t we?” He looked at the other two.

“Yes, of course,” Petey said to him. Their youngest brother was watching cartoons and ignoring all the conversation.

“Remember, call for us if you need us. We can hear you.” John pulled Natalie along and into his home next door.

“What is going on, John? I have a lot to do, and—”

“Be quiet, Natalie, and just listen for a change. I am tired of hearing you scream at those boys all the time. I don’t care where I am in my yard, or inside this house, every Saturday morning you are screaming at the children. This morning I heard you threaten to spank Petey for something his brother did. That is ridiculous, young lady. Simply ridiculous! The one who needs a spanking in your house is you, and I am going to tend to the matter right now.” He bent her over the back of the sofa, and started spanking her bottom with the flat of his hand. “You need to be taken in hand for your own good! You spoil every Saturday morning for those boys… and for me! I am sick and tired of listening to your rants. Your boys are good kids. They deserve one morning a week to be kids!”

“Ouch! Do you have any – Ouch! – idea – Ouch! – how difficult it – OW! – is to – OUCH! – raise children alone?” she whined. “Stop! This is ridiculous! Let me go!” She tried to kick him.

“Do you want me to take off my belt? Or send you outside to cut a switch?” John asked, perfectly serious.

“No! Of course not!” She tried to get away from him, but he was simply too strong, and he held her down and gave her a hard smack for the attempt.

“Then you’d best lie still,” he ordered, giving her a resounding smack that would have sent her tumbling over the back of the sofa if he wasn’t holding onto her.

Natalie stopped her kicking and started crying, but he forced her to hear his words. “My wife was murdered when my daughter was only nine years old. I finished raising Jenny alone.”

“I thought you were divorced!” Natalie said. “Why didn’t you correct me?”

“I didn’t want to deal with all the questions about what happened to her,” he admitted. “I know how rough it is to be a single parent, but you don’t make it any better by screaming at the kids. It isn’t their fault.” He resumed the spanking, covering every inch of her bottom and doing his very best to give her a bottom too sore to sit on for a day or two. “Next Saturday, you are going to take it easy, and find something fun to do while the kids are watching cartoons. There is to be no yelling. If there is, you will find yourself bent over this sofa again, with your pants down, getting a taste of my belt.”

“No! You can’t! They have to learn to help and do things the right way!” she argued. “It’s my job to teach them!”

“Teach them, yes. Screaming at them every Saturday morning and using swear words is not teaching them. You are going to make them hate you, Natalie.” He continued to spank her until she was limp and sobbing, and then he stopped. “I’ll go and check on the boys while you pull yourself together.” He helped her to her feet. “The bathroom is down the hall, first door to the right.”

John found the kids in exactly the same spot he’d left them, and he praised them for listening so well. “We’ll go and have lunch in a couple of hours. Continue to behave, and Mom will be home soon.”

“Saturdays are hard for Mom,” Petey said, looking up at John with eyes that were much too serious for a nine-year-old. “Dad always got up with us, fixed breakfast, and he let her sleep in. She’s tired on Saturday, and she misses Dad a lot. We love her, too, but it’s not the same as Dad loving her.”

John ruffled Petey’s hair. “You are one smart kid, you know that? Your mom will be fine. She just needs a bit of attention.”

“We can go and pick up our rooms, Mr. John. That will make her smile. Jerry and I can help Timmy with his stuff.”

“That sounds like a really good idea. I’m proud of you boys.” Their rooms were on the other side of the house, but John was sure they would come for help if needed. He went inside his house and could hear Natalie crying through the bathroom door. He knocked and asked, “Are you all right, Natalie?”


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