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Chapter 1


Her footsteps echoed down the hallway as she walked, the sharp click of her boots echoing in her ears. She stopped in front of the door before she ran her sweaty palms down her skirts. Nerves would get the best of her if she weren't careful. This wasn't something she needed to fear. Being called to the headmistress's office could mean any number of things.

She shouldn't dwell on what might happen. She needed to stay in the now, keep her mind clear and not formulate problems. She lifted her hand and knocked.

"Come." The voice was sharp, angry. That wasn't a good sign.

The knob turned slowly and after she'd pushed it open, she stepped inside.

"Miss Brown, kindly shut the door behind you."

Her heart caught in her chest. Headmistress Stevens was angry about something. Mr. Echols, one of the groundskeepers at the school, stood next to her desk. He didn't look happy, either.

"Good evening Headmistress Stevens. Mr. Echols." She inclined her head slightly.

"For some," the woman answered. "But I think not for you, Miss Brown."

"Madam?" Her heart lurched. "Have I offended you in some way?"

"I should say so." The headmistress stood and slammed a pamphlet down on the table. "Is this volume yours?"

Her heart tightened even more. She could lie, but it would do no good. "Yes, Headmistress, it is mine."

The older woman picked up the paper and turned it around. "The Adventures of Rosemary, An Erotic Tale," she read. She turned her glare on Miss Brown. "Is this what you are teaching our students?"

"Of course not, but what I read on my own time is my affair, not yours."

The older woman's eyes seemed to grow as large as saucers. "Indeed? I think you should reconsider your words. When you agreed to this position at The Creekmore School for Girls you agreed to follow the rules, did you not?"

"I agreed to run my classroom as I was told, and to teach the materials as you gave them to me. I didn't receive any information on how I was to curtail my own reading. Surely I am allowed some free time."

"Free time is a relative term. I will now allow you to read these obscene materials when you are on school grounds."

"Obscene is a relative term, Headmistress Stevens. I rather enjoy the interplay between couples in this offerings."

"Couples? It seems to me that there are more than couples 'playing' in these pages."

Miss Brown giggled softly. "Then you read them. Why are you angry at me for doing the same?"

"How dare you! I read them to see what sort of filth you were keeping in your private chambers, which is being searched as we speak." The woman's eyes narrowed into slits. "I'm sure we'll find more of your…garbage."

"You have no right." Anger soared through her.

"I have every right. When you signed on as one of my teachers, you put yourself into my care for a year, much as my students do. And, like my students, you will be punished for breaking a rule. In this case the punishment will very much fit the crime. You will be spanked, on your bare bottom like one of the characters in this horrid tale you were reading."

Her anger slowly faded, and fear seeped into its place. "You are joking."

"Absolutely not," the headmistress said.

This couldn't be happening to her. She needed to find a way out of this room. If she could get to her own, find the money she had secreted away, she could leave this horrid place and go back to London. Maybe she could find a job as a clerk somewhere. Surely someone would see that she had skills, and she wouldn't be on the streets for long.

"It is obvious you do not approve of me." She snatched the pamphlet out of the headmistress's hands. "I will pack my things and leave."

"You will do no such thing. You are under obligation to me for one year, which means you have eight more months let. Try to leave and I will call the authorities."

"On what grounds?" She held the paper close to her chest.

"I will tell them you thieved from me, and they will believe me, I assure you. A year or so in prison might cool your wicked ways. Or you can take your punishment this moment, and learn from it. All your filthy reading materials will be burned and you will spend the remainder of your time with us behaving yourself as a proper woman should."

There had to be some way out of this! "May I ask how you came across my pamphlet?"

"You left it under the three where you were reading it today," Mr. Echols said.

"I did not." She glared at him. "I would never read my materials out of my room. Tell me, Mr. Echols, did you search it when I wasn't there and steal them? What is your reward for such behavior? Are you the one who gets to spank me?"

"Certainly not," the headmistress piped up. "Mr. Echols found your filth under the tree, and he brought it to me as he should. I will be the one to apply the rod to your bare backside."

Miss Brown stuck her nose into the air. "I won't let you touch me."

"You have no choice." The headmistress picked a riding crop up from her desktop. "You can take your punishment as you should, or he will hold you in place while I deliver the swats."

The idea of that was too much. There was no way she would allow the woman to humiliate her by letting that terrible man touch her.

"I do not need anyone to hold me in place." She wouldn't run now. It would give them too much satisfaction. "But I warn you, Headmistress Stevens, that I will be reporting this incident to Lord Creekmore. Is he not the patron of this school? Does he not sit at the head of the board? He won't condone such things as you whipping your staff, I'm sure."

The woman's answering laugh was wicked. "Lord Creekmore will be angry that I did not call him in to wield the crop. He takes pleasure in correcting the behavior of misbehaving staff members. Perhaps he will want to repeat your punishment, so he can whip you as he sees fit. I must tell you that I've watched such punishments. He brandishes a mean crop, and reddens a bottom in a most proper manner."

She slammed the crop against the desk. The harsh sound made Miss Brown jump. She inhaled sharply, trying to get hold of her fear.

Headmistress Stevens pointed the crop at a desk that had been placed near the sofa. "Bend over it."

Miss Brown thought once again about running, but she was sure Mr. Echols would catch her and drag her back. That would only add to her embarrassment. She threw her shoulders back in what she hoped was an act of defiance, and then she stalked to the desk, putting her arms out in front of her and letting her hands dangle over the edge.

Mr. Echols sat down on the couch and made a grab for her outstretched arms, but she pulled them away.

"Don't you dare put your filthy hands on me you liar." She glared at him, a triumphant feeling surging through her at the shocked look on his face. "You and I both know you didn't find that pamphlet under a tree. You stole into my room and searched it when I wasn't there. What else did you steal from me? Money? Jewels?"

"Are you calling me a thief?" He stood up and put his hands on his hips.

"Most certainly; thief and liar go together very well, and I shall tell everyone that you have no morals or character."

"I demand the right to spank her, since she's spouting lies about me." His voice shook and Miss Brown laughed. She opened her mouth to refute his statement, but before she could say anything the headmistress spoke.

"And I refuse. You will sit there and watch as my witness, so that she can't come up and say that I abused her in any way."

"Since I already know he lies, it doesn't give me confidence in his abilities as a witness," Miss Brown said. She felt her skirts being gathered over her hips.

"You will sit before her and only take hold of her upon my orders. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, headmistress." He sat down and glared at Miss Brown.

In return she narrowed her eyes at him. "Liars never prosper," she whispered. "In your heart, you know what you've done is wrong. It will eat at you until I hope it makes your soul burst into a million pieces."

The anger on his face turned to horror and Miss Brown held back a laugh. Then she gasped as Headmistress Stevens pulled down the lacy pantalets she wore under her skirts.

Her bottom was bare now, and she thanked the heavens above that Mr. Echols was sitting in front of her, and could not see her.

"You will take this spanking as is your due, and if you try to fight it, I will have Mr. Echols restrain you." The headmistress ran the hard, leather-covered rod over her backside. "Do you understand me, Miss Brown?"

"I do." You ugly, old witch! Oh how she wanted to say those words out loud. But it would do nothing more than cause her to receive more cuts from the crop. She closed her eyes and readied herself for the blows to begin.

It didn't take long. The headmistress gave her several soft taps with the riding crop before she pulled back and slapped the instrument down on Miss Brown's buttocks. Miss Brown bit her lower lip to hold back the cry that built in her throat. She would be damned if she would give this woman the satisfaction of knowing how badly the strike hurt.

Before the sting was gone there was a second swat, and a third, and a fourth. Within seconds the woman had settled into a harsh rhythm, slapping the crop fiercely against her bare buttocks.

The pain was sharp, and it grew with each strike. Miss Brown grimaced, and then glared at Mr. Echols, who had a look of rapture on his face that let her know he was enjoying her pain.

At her look he paled, and she knew her reaction was not what he wanted. He wanted to hear her scream and cry out, but it wouldn't happen.

"You are a naughty…" the crop slapped down, "naughty…" the crop slapped even harder, "naughty woman." The last blow almost made her cry out. Tears formed in her eyes but she held them back.

"It is clear by your silence that you are not ashamed of your reading choices." Five hard strikes landed on her sore behind. "I will change that. This will not be the last spanking you receive from me."

The crop came down several more times. Miss Brown clenched her fists to hold back the cry of pain that would show how much the blows hurt.

"Perhaps I do need to get Lord Creekmore in here." Slap, slap, slap. "I've watched him discipline staff members before, as I said." Slap, slap, slap. "He wields a mean crop, and the guilty always cry out."

Miss Brown turned her head toward the headmistress. "Has it occurred to you, you old witch, that I'm not crying out because I'm not guilty?"

"You arrogant little hussy." The headmistress pressed her hand down on Miss Brown's back, and the crop came down over and over, the strikes hard and fast. It drifted down to her thighs and Miss Brown again bit her lip to hold back the cry of pain.

She willed it to end, but it didn't. Her ass throbbed with each new cut, and Miss Brown knew the pain tomorrow would be as bad as the pain today. It seemed to last forever, the sound of the crop sailing through the air alerting her before each new blow.

When the spanking was over, the headmistress was breathing heavily, as was the vile creature sitting on the couch. Miss Brown's bottom was on fire, her buttocks seeming to pulsate from the harsh treatment.

"You will go to you room, and I will summon Lord Creekmore to the grounds tomorrow. He will hear of your transgressions and he will make a further decision on your punishment, since this one has seemed to have no effect on you. Stand up, you little slut."

Miss Brown stood. She calmly reached under her skirts and pulled up her pantalets. Her buttocks cried out in pain as the material slid over the raw flesh.

"You may think me a slut, but I think you a bully who listens to a liar." She glared at her employer. "What I keep in my own quarters is my own affair, and I can assure you that I, at no time, read anything outside of my room."

She started for the door, despite the headmistress's command for her to stop.

"This isn't over," the woman said as Miss Brown turned the knob.

"Isn't it? I am packing and leaving. You will have to keep me prisoner here to stop it."

"So be it," the woman said, her voice steely. "Mr. Echols, follow Miss Brown to her room, and lock her inside. Then make sure there is no way she can get out the windows."

Fear sliced through her, but she would not let them see it.

"She puts on a big show of her innocence, but we'll see what she has to say after Lord Creekmore arrives." The headmistress laughed softly. "The spanking she just received will feel more like a few love taps after he has disciplined her."

"Cut!" Applause filled the room. "Excellent, excellent! Very dramatic, very well played. All three of you did splendidly."

Esmeralda Milton let go of the door handle and rubbed her sore behind.

"I'm so sorry." Strong arms went around her waist. "Was I too hard?"

She turned toward "Headmistress Stevens," and winked. "Lissa, you know I love to be spanked, but feeling the bite of the crop can be delicious, and it was. You give me a good spanking, as always. I'm fine. You followed the script to a T."

"I was so worried, you seemed so tense."

"Just trying to stay in character." Esmeralda laughed, then turned her eyes toward Eric "Mr. Echols" Batson. He winked at her as he came up.

"I can't believe I don't get to spank you in this movie." He put his arm around her and hugged her shoulders. "It's not fair. I'm going to talk to Marty about it, see if we can work in one, maybe where you try to escape or something and I do it on my own. Maybe he'll let me use a leather strap."

"That would be fun," Esmeralda said with a laugh. "You now I always love it when you spank me, Eric."

"I'll be back." He rushed off to where the director, Marty Johnston, stood talking to some man Esmeralda didn't recognize. An absolutely gorgeous man.

"Lissa, who is that man talking to Marty?"

"I have no idea." Lissa shrugged. "You know I'm not attracted to the tall, dark and handsome type. That's why I married Marty."

They both laughed and Esmeralda continued to stare at the newcomer. Tall, dark and handsome didn't even begin to cut it with him. He had short dark hair that framed his oval face. As if he knew she was looking at him, he turned his glance her way. Even from across the room she could feel the intensity of his gaze, as if he knew what she looked like without her clothes on.

Of course he did, since he'd obviously just watched her bare ass get cropped, soundly, by Lissa. Her legs had been spread just enough to give the camera a sneak shot of her bare pussy lips.

"You like him?" Lissa's question was full of humor.

"He has potential," Esmeralda answered. "I wonder if he's a Dom."

"Probably," Lissa answered. "Most friends of Marty's are."

Esmeralda turned to the woman who'd just reddened her ass. "If he's a friend of your husband's, how come you don't know him?"

"I don't know all of Marty's friends." She pulled Esmeralda in for a hug. "But I'll find out who he is, if you want."

"Yes, please." Esmeralda giggled. "And the sooner the better."

"I'm off to see the wizard." Lissa started to skip across the room, pulling up the long skirts of her costume as she moved.

Esmeralda laughed louder, the gasped in pleasure and waved her arm in greeting. "Pandora! Over here."

She watched as her exotic friend seemed to glide across the room. They hugged tightly when Pandora reached her.

"Did I miss the spanking? I so wanted to watch Lissa apply the crop to your ass." They both laughed.

"You did miss it, sorry. But the movie releases in about six months."

"But you'll get to see a little more cropping," Marty said as he came up. He pulled Esmeralda into his arms for a strong hug, then kissed her forehead as he cupped her cheeks. "How's your ass?"

"Deliciously sore." She looked behind him to where the stranger now stood talking to Lissa. "Are we doing another spanking today? I thought we were waiting until tomorrow. It's late, and Pandora's party is tonight, remember?"

"That's right," Pandora replied. "It's my birthday, and nobody better be late to my party. Bert's going to give me a good, hard spanking, and I want everyone to watch."

Esmeralda shook her head. "I don't know why you just don't marry that man. He gives you everything."

"I'm thinking about it," Pandora said with a slight cock to her head.

"Not to interrupt the marriage talk," Marty said, "but we have a few things we need to work on. I want Lissa to give you a few more swats so we can get some close-ups of your face. By the way, you stayed in character beautifully. I'm very impressed with the way you stayed all tensed up. I know how hard that was for you, since you love to be spanked so much."

Esmeralda's smile spread wide. She'd done a few films with Marty, and at first she'd gotten so into the spanking that she'd cried out for more and they'd had to stop while he reminded her that it wasn't Esmeralda being spanked, but the character she was playing. "I tried to think like Miss Brown would. Thanks for letting me know I got it right this time."

"You did fantastic. Now I want Lissa to give you about ten more swats, so we can get some close-ups of your face. Think you can recreate the faces you made?"

"Oh yeah, I can." She looked over Marty's shoulder to where Lissa and the gorgeous stranger were now walking toward them.

Marty turned his head over his shoulder, then looked back at her. "That's Nash Levine. He's a friend of a friend."

"He's gorgeous," Pandora said, "just what our Esme needs. I'm going to invite him to the party tonight."

"Thanks Pandora," Esmeralda said. "I owe you one."

"Just show up tonight and have fun, and then take that gorgeous man home with you and let him fuck your bra…" she stopped and looked at Marty, "um, buy you a cup of coffee."

"Yeah, fuck your brains out transfers to buy you a cup of coffee," Marty said with a laugh. "I get it, Pandora. Esme needs to get laid. I hate to tell you this but I already knew."

"Yes, I do need a man," Esmeralda said as Lissa and Nash joined their circle. "Hi!" She winced as the bright greeting left her mouth, and sounded too fake to her.

"Hello." His voice was deep, and had a slight New York twang to it. He held out his hand. "Nash Levine. You take a good spanking."

"Thanks." She blushed as she shook his hand. "It's one of my favorite hobbies."

They all laughed, even as Lissa took hold of her husband's arm and pulled him away, and Pandora followed quickly, leaving Esmeralda alone with the newcomer. Esmeralda noticed the man had wickedly beautiful deep blue eyes.

"Well, I'd love to help you practice it sometime." Her body twitched at his words.

"You like to spank?"

"Most Doms do." He gave her a smile that made her clit twitch. "Do you like to take a spanking all over? Breasts? Pussy?"

"Oh, I…" She'd come right on the spot and melt into a puddle of goo if he said much more. He wasn't one to beat around the bush, that was for sure.

"I just didn't want there to be any misunderstanding," he said. "You are submissive, right? Or do you just like to be spanked? There's a big difference. But Marty said you were a sub in need of a Dom."

Good heavens, he was quick. "Yes. I mean, um, I'm submissive. Did Marty invite you here for that reason?"

"Maybe. He's the friend of a friend." Before they could say anything else Pandora was back, taking hold of Nash's arm.

"You must come to my birthday party tonight. It's going to be fun, and Esme's coming, too. Maybe she could ride with you, to show you the way. We live in the country on a ranch."

Subtle, Pandora, Esmeralda thought. Real subtle.

"I'd like that." He winked at Esmeralda. "Where can I pick you up?"

"Well, I'll give you my address." She watched him pull out a smart phone, then punch in her address as she rattled it off.

"Phone number?" She gave him that, too, then glanced to where Marty was waving her over. She knew he wanted to finish the last scene so he could let his workers go home.

"I've got to go back to work."

"Have fun." He gave her a dark, sensual look and her clit twitched. How was she supposed to repeat the feelings of anger she'd had during the first spanking when this man was making her horny as hell?

"I will, and I'll see you tonight?"

"Pick her up around eight," Pandora said, patting him on the arm, "and don't eat first. We're going to have lots of food."

"Yes, ma'am," Nash said with a salute.

Esmeralda hugged her friend, then looked up into Nash's brilliant eyes. They were mesmerizing. "I'll see you tonight."

"I'm looking forward to it."

She walked to where Marty stood with Lissa, who already had the riding crop in her hand. Eric stood nearby, prepared to step into Mr. Echols's shoes.

"You set me up," she said to Marty.

"I know," he patted her bottom. "I met him through my friend Jake. He said he needed a good sub, and I know you've been without a Dom. I told him to come watch my wife redden your gorgeous ass and he'd see how beautifully submissive you are. I'm sweet that way."

Esmeralda laughed softly. "Thanks."

"You're welcome. Now it's time to get back to work."

Work? All Esmeralda could concentrate on was the gorgeous man who had just watched her get spanked, who would watch again, and who would take her to Pandora's party tonight.

How was she supposed to stay stone-faced and angry when all she could think about Nash Levine?

Nash stayed where he was and watched the director position Esmeralda, placing her over the table and raising her skirts before he lowered those lacy underpants to reveal her beautifully red ass. Her ass wasn't the only thing about her that was beautiful. Her whole body was.

She had a perfectly rounded hourglass figure, with large breasts and hips and a smaller waist. She reminded him of photographs he'd seen of Marilyn Monroe in her size 14 days: all woman. Her long, flowing dark hair was perfect for tugging. Her doe-like brown eyes looked at him in wonder, as if she were imagining herself on her knees in front of him.

He hoped he wasn't behaving like a love-stuck teen-ager as he stared at her. The crop came down and he envisioned himself in the place of "Headmistress Stevens," spanking the beautiful bottom that was so perfectly on display.

He would give her nice, hard cuts of the crop, make her cry out in pain, and beg for more. It was obvious that she loved it. Her voice had been so low and sensual when she'd told him she was submissive that he'd wanted to take her to a corner, put her in it and make her tell him all the things she wanted him to do to her. He was sure there would be quite a few things they both would enjoy.

Being so attracted to her was a wrinkle he hadn't foreseen. It definitely complicated matters, and, if he were thinking with his brain instead of his dick, he would tell her he couldn't go to the party tonight.

He'd done what he was hired to do. That meant he should tell her good afternoon, and call it a day. But watching her now as the crop came down on her ass repeatedly he knew he couldn't do that. He had to have her. Had to be the one spanking her, mastering her.

Which meant he was about to break a cardinal rule. He left the room, the sounds of the crop slapping against her ass following him into the hallway. He put his hand on his hard cock and willed it to go down.

Then he dialed a number. It was a few moments before the call was answered.

"I think I found her," he said. "She's living in Austin, Texas, and goes by the name of Esmeralda Milton. I set up a meeting with her by using your friend Jake. But don't tell our employer just yet. I want to make absolutely certain I have the right woman. And to do that I'm going to have to get to know her a little bit better."

Nash hit the off button, then leaned against the wall and listened to the spanking. He needed to get hold of himself before he stormed into the room, grabbed the crop and gave beautiful Esmeralda Milton, playing the part of Miss Brown, a few, good hard whacks himself.

The first time he spanked her he wanted there to be nobody in the room but the two of them. And he would know what her real name was, too.

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