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Chapter One

Luke stumbled into the kitchen, groggy and still in his pajamas.  He glanced at the clock and groaned.  Although he was working from home today, he had a conference call at 8:00am that couldn’t be missed.  He had thirty minutes to make himself presentable for a webcam.  As he poured two cups of coffee, his fiancé, Macie, breezed into the kitchen.  Her blue eyes sparkled with energy.

            “Aw, look at that sour face,” she teased, reaching for a granola bar in the cabinets.  “Someone has a case of the Mondays.”

            Luke’s only response was an unintelligible grunt.  Before she left though, he summoned up enough personality to give her a good-bye hug and kiss, as well as a playful swat to her bottom.  He downed his coffee and headed for the shower.  As he dressed, he matched a green dress shirt and jacket with an old pair of black sweatpants.  He only bothered with real pants when he had to leave the house, a quirk that Macie found endearing.  Nothing made her happier than to come home to a man wearing half a suit.  Of course, that was probably because it gave her an excuse to undress him.  As he waited in his office for the web conference to go live, he sipped at a second cup of coffee with his mind on his beautiful fiancé.  In six months, they would be married.  And he’d only had to ask her three times.

            “Dammit!” Luke hissed as he evacuated his desk area.  Hot coffee soaked through his sweats, covering his nether region.  Of all the times to spill coffee.  He eyed his watch and realized he didn’t have enough time to change.  Sighing, he stripped off the wet clothing, including his boxers.  His thighs were red, but at least his manhood had escaped intact.  Not a good place for a guy to get burned.

            A sizzling noise drew his attention back to his laptop.  Fuck.  His anger over his own clumsiness increased as he realized some of the coffee had spilled on his keyboard.  Bad news when you have a laptop.  Double fuck.  He cursed again and gave his computer a shake, but the screen morphed into an array of colors before going black.

            He ran a hand through his hair and stumbled out of his office in search of Macie’s laptop.  Through the house he hurried, nude from the waist down and pissed as hell.  The grandfather clock in the living room, an early wedding present from Macie’s parents, chimed eight times as he ransacked the house, trying to remember the last place she’d used her computer.  Finally, he located her pink laptop on the bedside table.  He opened the girlish thing and booted it up as he rushed to his office.  The web meeting had already begun, but it was better late than never.

            Luke got an eyeful when the desktop blinked to life.  Several jpeg files were open, the screens positioned in a rectangle, as if placed precisely in location.  Of course it was the subject matter of those pictures that caused Luke’s eyes to grow wide – and his pulse to race.


            Macie had porn on her computer.  He squinted as he examined each picture.  Okay, maybe it wasn’t technically porn.  All the images depicted a man spanking a woman.  None of the people here were completely naked or depicted in a sex act.  And only one of the pictures showed a hint of pussy lips.  The men were all fully clothed.  Unlike Luke, who was having a pants-optional day.

            Holy shit.  Was Macie into spanking?  He gawked, open mouthed, at one picture of a woman bent over a desk with her skirt raised.  Her bottom was red and a man stood to her side, long wooden paddle in hand.  Luke’s palm tingled as he imagined turning Macie’s backside pink, or even bright red.  He wasn’t opposed to the idea, it had just honestly never occurred to him.  Their sex life was pretty good.  Or so he thought.  Maybe she wasn’t as happy as he was.

            After minimizing the pictures, Luke pushed his coffee-logged laptop away and put Macie’s in its place.  He joined the meeting five minutes late.  His company distributed medical supply equipment to hospitals and doctor’s offices.  The job wasn’t thrilling, but it paid the bills and each day was different.  Overall, he was happy and had been promoted several times since joining the company eight years ago.  Of course, as he stared at the men and women at an oval table in an office in a high rise building in Chicago, he hoped he didn’t babble like an idiot.

            Macie liked spanking and damn if he couldn’t stop thinking about it.  Somehow, he managed through the meeting and secured a new deal for his company.  Without pants, no less.  An hour later, feeling victorious, he found a fresh pair of sweats and settled back down at Macie’s laptop, intent to explore.

            A quick search of her hard drive produced hundreds of pictures.  In fact, the spanking pictures were organized in a hidden folder.  The folders within had names like hairbrush, paddle, otk, caning, and corner time.  Another hidden folder contained stories about spanking.  Luke scanned some of the stories, his mind open and his cock painfully engorged.  Many of the stories were historical and it seemed Macie had a penchant for the Victorian time period.

            His thoughts traveled to the playful slaps he often gave Macie.  Now that he considered it, a strange look did enter her eyes on occasion.  Not to mention a beautiful flushing of her cheeks.  The ones on her face, anyway.  God, he was an idiot.  How had he not seen it before?

            Macie had a little secret.  He grinned, anticipating her arrival home from work.

* * *

            A light breeze sent dark brown locks flying around Macie’s face as she furiously worked to place the red heart-shaped wreath on the front door of Smith Capital Advisement, LLC.  Stepping back, she surveyed the Valentine’s Day window clingers from the outside.  Perfect.  Now all her clients would be treated to a cheery visual of her favorite holiday before stepping inside for financial advice.  Shivering, Macie raced in the door and found her way to her desk, ready to take on the day.

            Amy, who was Macie’s older cousin and her partner in the business, arrived several minutes later with an air of annoyance.  “I’m not sure, but I think it’s almost Valentine’s Day,” Amy said sarcastically as she threw a briefcase on the floor and began taking her jacket off.

            Macie grinned and sat back in her chair, meeting Amy’s gaze.  “Oh come on, cuz!  Hearts and love and little boxes of chocolate candy.  What’s not to love about Valentine’s Day?”

            “All of the above,” Amy said, gesturing at the window plastered with hearts and images of Cupid with his bow and arrow.  “I’m using all my willpower to keep from puking right now.”

            “Very funny.”  Macie stuck her tongue out, but quickly composed herself as the door opened and a client strolled in.

            Work was work, long but satisfying.  It brought Macie joy to help others plan their financial future, and even more when she helped someone dig their way out of trouble.  By the time her eleventh client left at a quarter to five, Macie was ready for a hot bath and a relaxing evening with Luke.  Her heart skipped a beat when she thought of the single slap he’d delivered to her bottom this morning.  How would he react if she told him she wanted more? 

            As she drove home, Macie began to feel guilty over the fact that she wasn’t being honest with Luke.  So much so that she didn’t mind the downtown traffic jam or having the luck to get stuck at every stoplight.  In the driveway of the new home she’d recently moved into with Luke, she gripped the steering wheel as her mind wandered.  God, she loved him.  Even if he wasn’t interested in her spanking kink, she still wanted to marry him.  She held back from telling him though, partially out of fear of rejection and partially out of embarrassment.  What if she thought she was sick in the head?

            Gathering her briefcase and purse, she took a deep breath and got out of the car.  Tomorrow, she thought, I’ll tell Luke tomorrow.  Her inner voice snarled at her with a “yeah, sure you will” as she climbed the porch steps.  She rolled her eyes at the battle she was fighting with herself, the same battle she’d been fighting since she realized how much she loved Luke. 

            The warmth of the house enveloped her inside, easing her tension if only a little.  Her heels clicked lightly on the foyer floor, where she tossed her purse and briefcase on a bench along with her jacket.  “Honey, I’m home!”  On her way to the kitchen, she lost her uncomfortable heels and smiled as her feet touched the plush carpet of the living room.  Ah.  Much better.

            “There’s my girl.”  Luke descended the staircase, fully dressed – much to Macie’s surprise.  On the days he worked from home, he never got fully dressed.  She admired how masculine and yummy he looked in a pair of faded jeans and a beige sweater.  His hair appeared damp from a recent shower, and as he pulled her close, she smelled the fresh pine soapy scent of his body wash.

            “Are you planning to go somewhere?” she asked as he kissed her cheek.

            He drew back and studied her for a long moment.  “No plans.  But now that I think about it, I’m kinda craving Chinese.  How about we go out for dinner?”

            A mischievous smile crept across Macie’s lips.  She pressed her center against him.  “Or maybe we could order in?  It would give us more time to ourselves.”

            “Or maybe you could get your cute little fanny into the kitchen and make me a sammich, woman,” he said with a faux-hillbilly accent.

            Macie laughed and swatted his arm playfully.  “Make your own damn sammich,” she replied.

            Luke’s expression grew serious and he raised an eyebrow.  “Did you just curse at me, young lady?”

            Wet heat surged straight to Macie’s pussy.  Even though he was joking around, that didn’t mean it didn’t turn her on.  Or that she wouldn’t join in his game.  Until she told him the truth about her spanking obsession, she’d treasure the occasional mock scolding.  And use her interaction with him as fodder for fantasy during lovemaking.  Or when he was away on business and she whipped out the vibrator.

            “If you think ‘damn’ is a curse word, you – sir – are fucking prude.”  She raised an eyebrow of her own in return, daring him to rise to the challenge.  True, she was being a bit of a brat, but interactions like this invigorated her and made her melt at Luke’s feet at the same time.  Her pulse raced and moisture pooled in her panties.

            “You’re being a very naughty girl, Macie.  Do you know what I think you deserve?”

            Her mouth went dry.  “What?” she asked hesitantly, not quite believing.

            He gripped her upper arm and led her to a couch in the living room.  “A spanking,” he finally said, turning her to meet his eyes.   “A good, hard spanking on your bare bottom.”

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