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Chapter One

Daisy thought that James McBride was the sexiest man that she had ever laid eyes on. Not that she was alone in that. Half the women at the college were totally in love with him. The man exuded sheer charm and raw sex appeal which had women, both young and old, buzzing around him like bees around a honey pot.

The surprising thing was, that he seemed to be completely oblivious to this effect that he had on members of the opposite sex.

“Maybe he’s gay,” suggested Daisy’s friend, Sarah, who was a prize flirt, if not an outright cock tease, and was somewhat piqued to find the gorgeous lecturer immune to all her flirtatious efforts.

A storm of female voices immediately rose to refute this absolutely unthinkable idea.

“Gay! Never! How could such a perfectly magnificent, absolutely stunning specimen of manhood possibly be gay? Don’t be ridiculous, Sarah! Just because he didn’t melt into a puddle at your feet, doesn’t make him gay!”

Sarah shrugged her shoulders. “It happens,” she said. “Sometimes the best looking examples of masculinity turn out to be not quite straight. I mean, look at the way he dresses! Absolutely immaculate. Not a hair out of place.”

“So what! Doesn’t mean he’s gay! Maybe he’s metrosexual or something! In touch with his feminine side.”

“Maybe he’s bi-sexual!”

“Maybe he’s asexual. You know, completely genderless!

“And maybe he’s Jack the Ripper!” said Daisy sarcastically. She had, up to this point, been silent on the subject of Professor James McBride’s sexuality. But really! Enough was enough!

The others looked at her in surprise.

“My goodness! What’s eating you today, Daisy?” asked Judy. “I’ve never seen you so miserable and out of sorts before!”

“I know,” said Sarah slyly. “She’s in love with the dear professor! That’s what it is!”

“Oh, don’t be ridiculous!” snapped Daisy blushing furiously.

“Oooh, look at her blushing,” said Helen with a laugh. “I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, Sarah!”

“Well, give it up, my dear,” said Sarah. “Don’t even waste your time. I’m telling you, the man is gay!”

Daisy said no more. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat. It was Monday and her bottom was still sore from the spanking that James had given her on Friday. She couldn’t blame him for it, of course. After all he had warned her that having a relationship with one of his students was breaking one of the university’s most sacred rules and could get him fired. Their love affair had to be a secret. They could not go public with the relationship until after she graduated. Then, and only then could their friends, their families, their university and the whole world know that James McBride and Daisy Ryan were an item.

He had also warned her that she could expect no special privileges in his classes. If anything he would be harder on her. Assess her work more strictly. “You will earn your degree,” he told her. “It will most definitely not be handed to you on a silver platter. And one more thing. Never, never show any familiarity during lectures. Never do anything to undermine my authority or disrupt my lessons. Never do anything to affect the discipline and control that I have over the other students. That is rule number one! Break that rule and I will spank you.”

She had broken rule number one and she had paid the price!

Daisy cast her mind back to the first day that the handsome college teacher had walked into the third year group of students, mostly female who had all practically fainted at the sight of him. A coquettish sound of approval had rippled through the room and someone had even wolf-whistled. There had been much nudging and winking amongst the young ladies whose hormone laden bodies had gone into immediate overdrive in the presence of such overpowering testosterone. Most of these young ladies had instantly reached the conclusion that they had just met their future husband.

The young professor, far from disintegrating into a million fragments of confusion and embarrassment, had taken it all in his stride. Casting his clear grey eyes over the group of simpering, eye-fluttering, sexual time-bombs in front of him, he had instantly assessed who the trouble-makers were, which students were there to play the fool and which ones were serious about their work. His practiced eye also picked out the likely submissives. He was, after all, the unremitting dom, the alpha male and his wife, when he eventually found one, was going to have to submit to having her bare bottom soundly spanked whenever she crossed the boundaries. That was non-negotiable.

But for now he had to bring a room full of excited female hormones under control.

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,” he said in a clear, firm voice. “I would like to begin by getting to know your names. I will read from the register. If you would please indicate when I call your name.”

“Miss Adams? Thank you,” as the young lady in question raised her hand. Sarah Adams was a born troublemaker if ever he saw one! He would have to watch that young woman!

“Mr Benton? Ah, yes!” A serious, bookish looking young man, Peter Benton might prove to be the pompous know-it-all who would have to be put in his place from time to time.

He continued through the names, making snap assessments of each student as he looked at them. He was seldom wrong, having from a young age developed a sixth sense where people were concerned. He easily identified Daisy Ryan as a submissive, although in all likelihood she didn’t even know it herself yet! She was a beautiful girl with the raven hair and blue eyes of the true Celt. His eyes rested on her for a moment before sliding across to her friend, Sarah Adams, who was staring alluringly at him out of large brown eyes which clearly held an invitation to come to bed. With a barely perceptible tightening of his mouth he continued to the end of the register. Some of the students would have been astounded at his ability to make such quick assessments of their characters. Others would have been shocked and indignant had they been able to divine his thoughts. But fortunately there were no mind readers in that class!

He gave them an outline of the topics that were to be covered that semester, delivered a brief lecture on his expectations of students who attended his classes and then dismissed them when the bell signalled the end of the lesson.

One face remained in his mind. A face with a clear complexion of milk and roses. A face which looked out upon the world through brilliant blue eyes. A face framed by glossy, jet black hair. A face which held an innocence and simplicity which was somehow absent from the faces of her peers. It was the face of Daisy Ryan, which had captivated him from the moment that he saw her.

He shook himself impatiently. “Don’t be absurd, man!” he told himself sharply. “You know the rules of the college! No fraternising with students.”

He smiled grimly. He knew the rules all right. And he knew the consequences for those who dared to break them. A policy of zero tolerance. Instant dismissal! It simply wasn’t worth it.

But try as he might, James McBride could not seem to banish Daisy from his thoughts. He would picture her sweet lips and imagine himself kissing them, gently at first and then with greater urgency. His thoughts would wander to her elegant neck down which his tongue would trail until it reached the cleavage of her soft and inviting breasts. He would peal her clothes away and his tongue would find the delicate pink rosebuds of her nipples which would harden and pucker under the gentle caress. And then he would visualise her luscious bottom, bared and ready to be spanked until its pearly whiteness turned a fiery red under his hand. And his cock would harden and throb with pleasure and desire. Damn, but the woman had bewitched him for sure and he didn’t know how he was going to break the spell which held him captive just as surely as if he were bound by locks and chains.

As the term progressed, his initial assessments of his students proved to be mostly correct. Sarah Adams was a troublemaker and had more than once tried to beguile him with her feminine charms. The first time he had reprimanded her she had leant seductively towards him making sure he had an unimpeded view of her buxom breasts which were forced upwards by her wonder-bra, practically spilling out of her skimpy top onto the desk in front of her. Her voice had been low and suggestive and her large brown eyes which could blaze with the fury of a vixen had been doe-like and caressing. She left him stone cold.

What did concern him was her obvious influence over Daisy Ryan who, as his unerring instincts had told him, definitely was a submissive. Daisy had thus far presented no problems during class. Her work was always neatly presented and of a high standard. She was quiet and attentive in his lessons and blushed prettily when he spoke to her. But every now and then it would reach his ears that she had been led astray by her bold, audacious friend and he would frown. Not good! Not good at all!

James had a way of dealing with the miscreants in his class. Disruptive behaviour, poor grades, and shoddy work would earn the offender a look from the handsome prof’s steel grey eyes that was enough to freeze a furnace. This would be followed by a mild suggestion to remain behind for a little meeting after the lecture. Even the most rebellious delinquents would be reduced to flinders under James’ lashing tongue and would creep apologetically from his presence with their tails tucked firmly between their legs. He didn’t spank them of course, although he would dearly have liked to. The spanking implements which he kept in the office leading off his classroom remained unused. They were reserved for a very special bottom. The beautiful, ever so spankable, utterly delightful bottom of Daisy Ryan. But he had to get to know her first and he wasn’t terribly sure how he was going to make that happen.

Daisy awakened with a jump. She’d had that dream again! The recurring dream which she’d had ever since she could remember. As a child the dream had been vague and obscure with a dark and shadowy presence hovering fleetingly in the background, a presence which was faintly disturbing although she couldn’t say why. As she grew older this dream became more vivid and more clearly defined. By the time she was eighteen the ethereal presence had evolved into a definite figure of authority. A man that she loved, respected and feared. A strong and sometimes harsh man with a thick leather strap in his raised hand. A strap which she knew was about to descend onto the bare flesh of her unprotected bottom, leaving dark red stripes and excruciating pain as a reminder of her misdeeds. But what misdeeds? And who was this man? She shivered, partly with fear and partly with excitement.

James also woke up suddenly for he too had been dreaming. He had been dreaming about Daisy, a Daisy who was somehow different from the sweet and submissive creature in his class. A Daisy who took him back many centuries to another age, a different era, another lifetime. A Daisy who was bold and daring, flirtatious and wanton. In his dream, she had been bent over in front of him, her bottom bared and ready to receive his strap of correction. He had awakened before the first lash had landed, feeling somewhat aroused and more than a little disappointed.

The dream made him recall the first time he had witnessed the sound spanking of his step-mother which had converted him into a dedicated spanker. He was just eighteen at the time and had awakened to hear the unmistakeable crack of bare flesh being thoroughly punished. Stifled screams and pitiful cries had accompanied each crack. He had crept silently out of bed and tiptoed noiselessly across the hallway to his father’s bedroom. The sight that met his eyes had caused him to draw back in shock and yet also held him riveted to the spot, unable to avert his eyes or move away. Silently he stood in the shadows as his father administered the heavy strap to his new wife’s bare, trembling bottom. How many strokes she had already received, James did not know, but each crack caused a fresh stripe to well up and turn a dark shade of red on the voluptuous, rounded buttocks. Eventually his father had cast the strap to one side but instructed his young bride to remain where she was, thereby giving James a bird’s eye view of his step-mother’s well disciplined bottom. He had been about to move silently away when his father began a fresh assault on his wife’s bottom with his large and very strong hand. The young woman had reached back to rub her sore backside, a sin, apparently, deserving of a second sound spanking. For a second time she was instructed to remain where she was with her exposed, well spanked posterior on display. This time she dared not move a muscle until given permission by her husband to do so.

James had slipped silently back to bed and neither his father nor the young woman were ever aware that there had been a spectator to this example of husbandly discipline. He grinned to himself when he noticed the next day that the poor young lady avoided sitting as much as she possibly could and when she eventually did seat herself, she did so very gingerly and carefully. He knew the feeling! His father had been nothing if not a very stern disciplinarian!

But he could not get the image of the spanking out of his mind and every time he visualised it, pleasurable desire would well up in his loins. It became something he was determined to try out at his earliest opportunity and it wasn’t long before the young woman whom he had been rather keen on at the time, suddenly found herself over his lap with her bare bottom being spanked long and hard for some minor misdemeanour hardly worthy of verbal chastisement much less physical correction. James was somewhat surprised and a little put out to find himself singularly dumped by a very angry young lady who refused to ever speak to him again!

It didn’t deter him though and gradually he began to learn that there were some women who would submit to a spanking and some that wouldn’t! The trick was to identify those that would!

Some fourteen years later he had positively identified Daisy as one who would. But for now, Daisy’s bottom remained unspanked, both in reality and in his dreams.


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