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Chapter One

            Brandon Dutton strolled casually through the group of partiers gathered on the patio and scattered around the yard. The bottle of sparkling water he carried was intended for one of the two young women sharing a glider swing next to a large flowerbed.

            He walked slowly as he enjoyed the Sunday afternoon scene at their neighbor’s home. One of the women was a pretty blonde in a short red sundress. However, Maureen was not the object of his gaze. That was reserved for the beguiling girl who was listening and laughing as the other related a story that had both of them blushing. Patty Dutton smiled and winked as she glanced up to see her husband of one year approaching with her drink. She took in the view of the stocky six-foot man with his shaggy dark blonde hair and deep blue eyes, the one who was now the focus of her world. The emotion was mutual.

            Patty held her fingers to her lips as she began laughing harder and her face turned even a deeper shade of crimson. Whatever story she was hearing must have been another bawdy tale courtesy of Maureen.  Brandon halted for a moment to drink in the vision of his young wife. Her brown hair brushed the middle of her back, where it flipped into curves, and the blue shorts she wore with a blue and white striped top displayed her shapely legs.

As always, Brandon was captivated by how her dark-rimmed glasses always seemed to be perched lower on her nose whenever she read or listened to what another person was saying.  When she was speaking with him those bewitching eyes would be peering over the tops of the rims. He found it an endearing habit. He also found the bookish, librarian look it gave her quite alluring and sexy.

            Brandon felt stirrings of desire just seeing her that way, and began to imagine what the evening may bring. He walked up and handed Patty the bottle, and received a blown kiss in return. He turned to return rejoin Maureen’s husband and the host of the neighborhood party in their discussion of home prices in their small city.

            He had not taken more than one step away when he tuned into what his wife was hearing from her friend:  “Well, Cathy has a deep fear of the dark, but Ted can’t sleep with a light on. So they have one of those little devices that turns the lights on and off it you clap your hands twice. It lets her relax just knowing it’s at her bedside.” Then while he was just barely still able to hear: “So Ted started spanking her faster, and the lights start going on and off. Cathy said it was like they had a strobe light from some old disco dance hall in their bedroom.”

Brandon looked back and laughed at the stunned expression on Patty’s face, then moved on to the lawn chair he had left a minute earlier. He rejoined the talk, but his attention was drawn to the lovely young woman on the glider swing.

The party lasted until early evening, and Patty and Brandon were the last to leave. They began the short walk to their own home just around the block, discussing the skill with which their host couple could grill such great food.

When they reached their small rented house, they were in the mood to simply wind down from a busy week. Both were teachers, and the last week of school had been hectic. This Sunday evening was their first free time of the week, and was the beginning of several days off before each began continuing education classes that would last for much of the summer.

The evening was mild, and they decided to retreat to their favorite (non-bedroom) portion of the house. It was the screened- in back patio that they had outfitted with cushioned lounge chairs suitable for two avid readers.

Each had left a book in place. Brandon flipped on the roof light, and then turned on the stereo while each settled in for a relaxing evening. They both sipped on bottles of hard lemonade that Patty had retrieved from the refrigerator.

Soon they were absorbed in their books, but right on cue, Brandon looked at his wife to see those glasses perched out on her nose. They read for a while when Patty began to laugh. “There’s never a dull moment with Maureen around. She always has me in stitches.”

Brandon nodded. “She is quite a story-teller, isn’t she? I still remember that story about when she took her first drink at college.”

Patty giggled. “Don’t ever tell her a secret. Cathy would throttle her if she knew what Maureen repeated to others.”

Brandon laughed and began reading again. “Don’t worry. I would never tell her anything, unless I wanted everyone in the neighborhood to know about it.”

Suddenly, Brandon looked up from his book, reached over, and tapped Patty on the elbow. “What was stuff about Cathy getting spanked? Something about making the lights flash?”

Patty responded with her trademark nervous laugh that indicated something sexual was about to be discussed. She put her book down, curled up her legs and turned to face her husband.

“Okay… seems that Cathy loves for Ted to spank her. And she’s afraid of the dark, so the light clapper thing…..”.

Brandon began to chuckle. “That’s funny. Why don’t they just turn it off?”

Patty laughed. “Maybe it adds to the ambience.”

“The ambience?  Spanking your wife can have an ambience?”

Patty broke out in the same nervous laugh. “I have to take her word for it.  I’ve never had a guy spank me. I’ve never even had a birthday spanking just for fun. But for Cathy and Ted….. at least she finds it romantic……sensual. I don’t know about Ted.”

Brandon nodded. “I suppose few of us guys would object to having contact with a cute butt under any circumstances.”

“Cathy told Maureen she likes the giving up of control. It’s like some mysterious foreplay turn-on for her. She says the warmth spreads and …..well, she just likes it.” She smiled as she pondered the subject. “The idea does have this…..naughty flavor to it, huh?”

Brandon shook his head. “Well, you have a marvelously sculptured butt. Maybe I’ll spank you some day.”

The high-pitched laugh emerged again. “I have no idea what it feels like to be spanked. My parents never believed in it. You know how those liberal college professors are.  I never got a single whack to the butt.”

Brandon thought for a moment. “Both my brothers got it at least once. Never happened to me either. But more power to Cathy and Ted. Whatever turns them on.”

A moment later, Brandon put his book down. “I have to ask you something.  Considering all the trouble you got into… did you avoid getting a single spanking?”

Patty took off her glasses and shook her head. “Oh, I think there were times Dad wanted to whip my ass.”

Brandon laughed. “Which time?  Was it the pot bust?  Maybe the skipping school? The shoplifting that lipstick?  Or when you got picked up for the underage drinking?”

Patty smiled. “All of that nonsense is behind me. Now I just have to get my bad spending habits under control.”

Brandon grunted in agreement. “That’s a big issue, especially if we want to stop renting and buy our own place to raise a family. You really need to slow it down.”

Patty sighed. “I did some bad things when I was a kid. I look back now, and don’t recognize my younger self.”

Brandon laughed. “Maybe I can talk your mother into spanking you for your spending.”

Patty shook her head and giggled. “No…..Mom would never do that. She was always the one who just would never allow it in our family.  But you can be a handful. How did you avoid it?”

Brandon grinned. “I was always good at not getting caught.”

Patty nodded knowingly. “I could have guessed that answer in advance.”

“I can imagine that you worried your parents sick.”

Patty sighed. “Yes, I did. I feel horrible about it now. I was such a little rebel”

Brandon picked up his book and laughed. “You definitely should have been spanked.”

“Uuhhmm. I know that now. I deserved it several times, in fact.”

Brandon hid his face behind the book. “Then maybe I should spank you. I mean, just a playing around kind of spanking.”

Patty giggled. “Now look at what we started.  The thought of it makes me kind of nervous. But, I guess we’ve tried everything else. I suppose it might be fun. It does make me feel a little….. a little tingly you know. I have no idea as to why, but I do feel that just talking about it. So, you just hold that thought for a while.”

Brandon peered over the top of his book to find that Patty was also slyly peering at him.

She grinned. “I’m holding that thought, too.

“So, Mrs. Dutton. How long do I have to hold that thought? I get horny just looking at


Patty closed her book and set it on the lounge chair. “Well. I am so very flattered by

 that.  And now I’m  feeling horny too. How about we share a shower? Then, we can see if I like being spanked.  I mean… least, we can try it. I mean…..just a little, and we need to take it easy, but we can try it.”

            Patty and Brandon trotted into the house, stripped rapidly and were soon soaping and scrubbing each other in a teasing manner. They rinsed each other off and even laughed and tickled each other as they dried each other with oversized towels.

            Brandon was leaning over to dry his feet, and Patty gave him a hearty whack across his butt. She yelled, “Pre-emptive strike” and ran naked down the hallway and into the bedroom. Brandon followed closely behind, but Patty had already locked the door before he could turn the knob.

            Standing unclothed in the hallway, the laughing husband summoned up his sternest possible voice: “Patty Dutton… you want me to give you a spanking?”

             A meek voice squeaked from behind the door: “Yes, I do as a matter of fact.” The door opened slowly, and a small hand reached out to take Brandon’s and pull him inside. Patty stood on her tiptoes to kiss her much taller husband. “I should say…..I think so, at least. Just give me a couple of smacks to try it out.”

            To Patty’s surprise, Brandon scooped her up and carried her to the bed. It was not much of a challenge for the six foot-tall former small-college offensive tackle to lift and carry a five-foot tall woman, but he had not done so since arriving at their honeymoon suite in Key West. Regardless, the move thrilled Patty, and she laughed with delight as he sat down on the bed and rested his back against the center of the headboard. In an instant, Patty found herself across his knees with her bottom raised in front of him providing a prime spanking target. All she could do was to exclaim, “Oh, my.” and giggle and shake her bottom seductively.

            Brandon placed his hand on the lower portion of Patty’s backside, and then rubbed the area softly. “Are you ready to get your butt whacked Mrs. Dutton?”

            Patty giggled nervously. “As ready as I am going to be, Mr. Dutton. Smack that thing back there.”

            Brandon raised his hand and brought it down with a sharp WHACK that generated a sting that shocked Patty. Immediately, her hands were reaching back and rubbing the assaulted spot.

            “Whoaa hoo hoo. That really hurt.”

            Brandon patted her bottom.  “Sorry I smacked you too hard.”

            Patty looked back and giggled. “No……it wasn’t too hard. You are spanking me, after all. I can take another.”

            Brandon laughed. “A harder one?”

            Now Patty was giggling harder. She gave an affirmative nod, buried her face in the bedcover and squeaked nervously, “A harder one, huh?  Oooohhh golly.  Sure…..go ahead. One more.”

            Both were now laughing as Brandon slowly rubbed the sore spot, then paused and patted her bottom several times.

            “Okay, Babe. Get ready…..on three, here it comes. One…..two…..”.  However, Brandon’s open palm was already on its way to collide with the bottom he so adored. The sharp CRACK made Patty squeal and jump up in pain, although she was laughing.

            They embraced, both still chuckling. Patty drew away and shook a scolding finger at her husband, while rubbing her sore bottom with the other hand. “You are so rotten. I wasn’t ready for that one.”

            Brandon slid down slowly until Patty was resting on top of him. He reached down and rubbed the warm, pink area. “I couldn’t help myself. It was…..there….. hovering in front of me in such a tempting fashion. It was so……”.

            Patty placed her fingers over his lips. “You weren’t going to say ‘big’, were you?”

            Brandon displayed a dramatically wounded expression. “I was thinking…..luscious”.

            They drew together in a deep kiss. Patty shook her head. “You know……it stings like crazy. But I have this…..this radiating……”. She squirmed and shook her bottom. “It’s something I can use some more of sometime.”

            “I’m glad you liked it.”

            Patty peered down at her husband and tilted her head. “It’s more that I look forward to doing that again… some form. But for right now…….I have no choice but to screw you really good.”


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