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Chapter One

Izzy scrawled her name across the bottom of the delivery sheet and watched as Eric unloaded the last of several boxes and piled them in the tiny storeroom.  He turned to her and she thanked him. As he took the receipt from her, he said,

            “Iz, I know this is a bookstore but please tell me you have something more exciting than history or biographies in these boxes. Girl it is time to step back into life.  I’m pretty sure you could stock up on some great “How To Spice up the Bedroom” literature.  Heck, they don’t even have to be those ‘self-help’ ones!”  He watched as the blush ran up her neck and she reached out and punched his arm.

            “I think it’s about time for you to come up with some new material Eric. I don’t see how Jenna puts up with you.”  He grinned and rubbed his arm,

            “At least she doesn’t beat me over my suggestions.” He saw her smile falter and her eyes dim.”Hey Izzy, I’m kidding.” She shook her head and looked up at him. He was saddened at the complete change in her demeanor.

            “I didn’t mean to hit you Eric. Are you okay?”  Eric let out a huge bellow, his laughter filling the space. He reached out and drew her into his arms.  She stiffened momentarily and then relaxed and laughed as he lifted her off her feet.  “Put me down!”  He swung her around almost knocking into the pile of boxes he had just delivered.

            “Hell, Izzy, there is no way a tiny thing such as yourself could hurt me. You know I was just teasing. Jenna would skin me alive if she thought I’d hurt you.” Izzy couldn’t contain a giggle as the picture of his wife, hugely pregnant with twins, trying to even catch her huge husband.  Eric smiled at the sound of her giggle and set her down onto her feet. He dropped a kiss on the top of her head and said, “That’s much better. I’ll work on my routine for the next time I go above and beyond my duties.  However, we do miss you and wish you’d have some fun for a change.” The smile stayed on Izzy’s face as she leaned back against the stack of boxes.  She knew he didn’t have to bring them all the way into the storeroom and stack them for her but had never once complained.

            “Thanks Eric. I really appreciate you bringing these in.  Besides, I do have fun.”  He shrugged and patted the stack.  She might appear to be happy but he knew better.  She spent all of her time running her store.  Their friends were at a loss in how to bring her truly back into their lives. 

            “No problem Iz.  Lugging these boxes helps me keep my gorgeous physique and I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself. I don’t see how you ever thought a tiny thing like you would be able to unload even one of these heavy cartons.  Those boring books weigh a ton; however, sexy books…hey!” he laughed as Izzy punched him again and he laughed.  “Okay, okay, I guess the owner knows best”  He rubbed his arm in mock pain.  “Geez, I guess even tiny people can have some muscles!” She rolled her eyes and bent over to pick up the pad he’d dropped.

            “I’m not tiny!”  He grinned taking the pad from her and shook his head.  He was a big man and towered over her. She stood an inch or so over five feet. She was curvy in all the right places for men that didn’t prefer stick thin women though it was obvious she didn’t consider herself a beauty.  She looked up at him and saw his smile. “I’m probably as big as Jenna and she’s pregnant!”  He shook his head and his eyes lightened at the mention of the woman he adored.

            “I can’t wait till the babies come.  She is getting grumpy and that is so unlike her.” Izzy smiled knowing he was truly concerned about the upcoming birth of his twins.  She moved into sales mode.

            “Who could blame her?  She has to put up with you and carry around a huge load.  Why don’t you buy her a present to remind her why she loves you?”  Eric hugged her and said,

            “I think that’s a great idea.  Could you pick out a couple of books for her?  She’s supposed to stay off her feet for the next month before the babies come.”  Izzy took his arm and turned to lead him back into the shop.

            “I’d love to Eric; I know just what she needs to make living with you more pleasant.”  Eric chuckled and said,

            “Ah yes; a steamy romance to remind her of the great love in her life.” She giggled and almost punched him again until he ducked away in mock protest.

            “Hmmm, not a romance this time.  Maybe something along the lines of ‘How to Rid Your Home of Pests?”  He laughed loudly glad to see his favorite customer joking.  He had missed their playful banter and seeing her smile.  Izzy was laughing as well when she seemed to hit a brick wall and came to an abrupt stop.  She would have fallen if Eric hadn’t been behind her.   She looked up and up and up and her breath caught in her throat.  The most gorgeous man in the world was looming over her.  He practically filled the doorway.  He was at least a foot taller than herself and twice as broad.  His coal black hair was slightly wavy and she immediately wanted to run her hands though it.  It was his eyes that held her entranced.  They were bluer than blue, the color piercing into her.  He held her locked in his gaze even as he reached out to steady her.   

            “Are you okay?” She felt her insides clench at the sound of his voice. It was like a deep river flowing over her.  Her skin tingled under his hand where it gripped her arm.  She blushed at as she realized he was waiting for her reply. 

            “Oh God, I’m so sorry. I guess I wasn’t looking where I was going.  Please forgive me…” her voice trailed off as amusement replaced the concern in his gaze. She was embarrassed and acting like an untried teenager.  Hiding her discomfort over his affect on her, she snapped, “Hey, you shouldn’t even be back here!  What are you doing, how did you get past Nancy?” His smile broadened and he would have spoken but Nancy, her assistant and best friend, stuck her head around the man and said,

            “Sorry Iz…I was coming to get you. This is Coleman, you know, Jack’s best man?”  Izzy felt confused and just a little claustrophobic with Coleman in front of her and Eric behind.  Coleman must have sensed her discomfort because though he kept his hand around her arm, he stepped back to lead her into the shop.  Izzy didn’t even realize what he was doing until they were all standing in a much larger area.  Her body was tingling and she still found it hard to catch her breath.  Coleman looked down at her and said,

            “Nancy, bring a glass of water please.”  Nancy looked at her friend and scurried back into the shop and returned with an icy bottle of water.  Coleman uncapped it and held it out to the shaking woman.  “Drink this.”  Izzy shook her head but he pressed the bottle into her hand and repeated, “Drink this. You look like you are going to pass out.”  She closed her hand around the bottle and lifted it to her mouth.  As she swallowed, she shuddered with the cold and then blushed.  God, what was wrong with her.  She wasn’t some simpering maiden in one of the romance books she sold.  She took several deep swallows and then purposely stepped away from Coleman.  He was grinning at her like he was reading her thoughts.  She pushed the bottle towards him and was very grateful when Nancy stepped between them, breaking his hold over her.

            “Hey, are you okay?  You look so pale. I told you not to skip lunch again!”  Izzy shook her head and said,

            “Please, I’m fine.  Just a little claustrophobic. Please, everyone stop making such a fuss.”  Nancy wasn’t quite convinced and looked between the two.  She smiled slightly but relented. 

            “Okay if you say so.  Umm, could you handle the front for a few minutes?”  Izzy’s professionalism kicked in as she remembered Eric.  She nodded at Nancy and turned to Eric.

            “Of course I will.  Eric, I’m sorry; let’s find some books for Jenna.”  Eric grinned and looked between the stranger and Izzy. He could practically feel the bolts of electricity zinging between the two though neither of them seemed to recognize it.  He looked down at Izzy and qualified his thoughts, well, she might not want to admit it but her body was definitely aware. Her face was flushed and she was trembling.  He looked across at the man who met his eyes and gave him a slight nod, his lips curved into a knowing smile.  Eric’s protective nature kicked in.  He took Izzy’s hand and tucked it into his elbow.

            “I trust you sweetheart and I think she would like some of that chick-lit all you girls seem to drool over.”  His words made Izzy giggle and she finally felt like herself.  She allowed Eric to draw her further  into the store.

            “I have just the series in mind for her.”  Eric pretended to groan and continued to tease,

            “Series?  Exactly how many of those bodice busters are in this series? I’m an expectant father after all and money is tight.  Besides, there isn’t a man alive that can measure up to those ridiculous hunks in those books.  I want to entertain her, not give her ammunition to shoot me down.”  Coleman heard Izzy giggle ring through the store as they continued their playful banter.

            “Don’t worry Eric.  I think there are no more than six of the books and, besides, no fantasy man got your wife pregnant - with twins no less.  I don’t imagine Jenna questions your abilities at all.”  Eric’s laughter boomed in the small store; his manhood reaffirmed.

            “A half dozen should do it then.  Wrap them all up for my beautiful mother to be.”  Their voices faded as they walked further into the book store.  Coleman remained standing, seemingly unaware of Nancy tugging on his hand.   He was a bit shaken by the entire encounter.  It had been a very long time since he’d felt so immediately physically drawn to a woman.  Just touching her had caused his cock to twitch.  She was such a little thing as well.  He shook his head and saw Nancy grinning up at him.

            “I told you she was special, I knew you’d like her!” she said and then turned to lead him up the stairs to the apartment above.  She pulled him down the hall and stepped into a small but nicely decorated bedroom.  Coleman followed her until they were in the center of the room.   He wasn’t sure he was happy with the knowing look he’d seen on Nancy’s face.  He pulled himself together and turned Nancy to face him.

            “I didn’t come here for you to play matchmaker Nancy.  I came to take care of you.”  The tone of absolute control in his voice immediately washed over Nancy. She immediately dropped into a much more serious place.

            “I’m sorry sir. I was just…”  Coleman shook his head and cut her off.

            “It doesn’t matter.  Now, let’s get this done.  Unbutton your blouse and present your breasts.” She flushed but nodded and began to unbutton her blouse.  By the time Coleman had pulled two boxes out of his jacket pockets, she was standing with her blouse open and the front clasp of her bra undone so that her breasts were exposed.   Coleman nodded his approval and said, “Good, but you’ll need to remove your pants and panties as well.”  Nancy felt a shiver go through her body, his words bringing naughty images to mind.  She quickly unbuttoned her pants and pushed them and her panties to the floor, stepping out of both.  Coleman again nodded and opened the first box.  Nancy bent over to see what was in the box until Coleman said, “Don’t be naughty.  Stand up and put your arms behind your back and spread your legs as far apart as you can.”  Again she shivered but immediately obeyed.  Coleman smiled and lifted a thin chain from the box.  She couldn’t help herself,

            “It’s beautiful!” He smiled down at her and said,

            “Yes it is.  Jack really loves you Nancy and I’m very glad that he has found you to spend his life with.”  She smiled, her love for her fiancé shining from her eyes.  Coleman put the chain around her waist and noticed the goose bumps that erupted across her skin as the metal settled into its new home.”Cold?” he asked.

            She smiled and whispered, “No, just excited.” He nodded and then opened the second box.  Her grin slipped slightly as she saw the item he held up. He looked at her and said,

            “Are you okay Nancy?”  She quickly nodded and braced herself as he stepped closer.  He lifted one breast and began to stroke his thumb over her nipple.  She moaned at the sensation and he wrapped his free arm around her waist.  “Steady, this might hurt a bit.”  She nodded and couldn’t contain a small wince or gasp when he put the first clamp onto her erect nipple.  She felt a flood of arousal begin in her body, her stomach tingling as it traveled straight to her core. He thumbed her other nipple until it was erect and placed the final clamp onto it. She blushed as he adjusted both clamps and then attached the chain between them to the chain around her waist.

            “Thank you sir,” she said remembering the proper etiquette. He smiled and knelt in front of her.

            “You are certainly welcome sweetheart. Only two more and then you’ll be done.    Spread a bit wider if you can.”  She nodded and took a deep breath and inched her legs a bit farther apart. Coleman nodded and watched her body respond as he drew one thick finger between her pussy lips.  He was pleased to find moisture coating his finger and knew that she was not only accepting of Jack’s gift to her, she was finding it hugely erotic as well.  “Good girl, Jack’s a very lucky man.”  She beamed down at him, her breasts aching a bit. She gasped again as first one and then the other clamp was gently applied to the outer lips of her labia.  She watched as the chains from each were pulled up and attached to the waist chain. 

            “Ohhhh,” she moaned as the combined weight of the chains caused a definite pull in each of the clamped areas.

            “Too tight?” he asked as he stepped back to take a final look. She shook her head and marveled,

            “No sir…they fit perfectly.  Oh, they are so beautiful aren’t they?”  She looked down at the tiny butterflies that decorated each of the clamps.  Her heart fluttered as she thought of Jack picking these out for her, knowing she’d get the message.  He had slowly drawn her out of her cocoon and taught her to fly.  Tears welled up in her eyes and Coleman smiled warmly.

            “They look perfect on you but it is you that bring out their beauty.”    He grinned and stood.  He took her into his arms and hugged her.  She gasped as the clamps on her breasts were pressed against his rock hard chest. 

            Another flood of arousal moved through her.  She moaned and said, “I’m not sure I will survive this test until the wedding.  If I didn’t know better, I’d think he’s trying to kill me!” 

            “I think you’ll do just fine honey.  Jack isn’t a cruel man, just a tough task master.”  Nancy laughed, filled with complete contentment.  Coleman chuckled and was bending to kiss the top of her head when he heard a gasp.  He kept Nancy tightly held in his arms, protecting her from whatever danger there might be.

            “What the hell are you doing!” he heard Izzy screech, “Get your hands off her right now you monster!”  Coleman didn’t move his body but said,

            “We’ll be done here in a moment.  You can speak with Nancy then.  Right now we would appreciate a bit of privacy.” Izzy couldn’t believe what she was seeing.  She blushed anew as she saw Nancy in this man’s arms, her pants and panties on the floor, her legs spread wide apart.  She had looked for them in the storeroom but had come upstairs when she saw the apartment door was standing open.  She had been shocked to find them in her own bedroom no less.  She couldn’t see her friend’s face or even her body as Coleman was standing in front of her, blocking her from view.

            “I’m not asking you and don’t you dare tell me to leave. This is my house; my bedroom!  Nancy, are you…are you okay?” Izzy asked, confusion as well as concern in her voice.  Nancy smiled against Coleman’s chest and said,

            “I’m fine Iz…please, this isn’t what it seems. I’ll explain in a minute, okay?”  Izzy was confused and continued to stand rooted in place.  She had come in the tell Nancy that she was ready to close the shop early so they could head out for the rehearsal dinner. Never in a million years had she expected to find her best friend half naked in some man’s arms.  Coleman turned to gaze at her, his eyes dark and his voice low and firm. 

            “I promise she’s fine.  Now, if you’ll excuse us?”  She shook her head and her voice stammered,

            “Again, I wasn’t speaking to you!  I can’t believe you Nancy….oh God, what will Jack think!  How could you let this…this pervert touch you!  You’re naked for God’s sake!”  Coleman’s eyes flashed and Nancy felt his body stiffen.  She pushed away from his chest despite his attempt to keep her close to him. He shook his head down at her but she smiled up at him and whispered,

            “Please sir?”  He took a deep breath; his jaw clenched but released her completely. Nancy took a deep breath and said,

            “Izzy, please, I’ll explain in a second, trust me okay?”  Izzy saw her best friend step away from Coleman and quickly turned her back as she realized her friend was topless as well.  Izzy stomped from the room, her displeasure obvious.  Nancy sighed but bent to pull up her clothing and refastened her bra.  She started to button her blouse and looked where her very best friend had been standing moments before.  She turned back to Coleman and said, “I’m sorry sir.  I guess we just shocked her.  I’ll explain.”  Coleman also turned to the door and smiled,

            “I’m sorry as well.  This was supposed to be a beautiful experience for you.  It’s obvious she is shocked; I thought you two were best friends.  I didn’t mean to upset anyone.  I’d be glad to speak with her.”  Nancy smiled remembering how Izzy had sounded as she yelled at Coleman.  She reached up to kiss his cheek.

            “It is still beautiful.  Thanks for the offer but I don’t think she’d be willing to listen to you.  She’s really upset but it will be okay.  Thank you so much for helping me. Tell Jack I love his presents and will wear them with pride until he removes them.”  Coleman smiled at her and replaced the empty boxes in his pocket.  Her demeanor and the smile on her face again convinced him that she was meant to be Jack’s partner and wife.  He watched as she finished dressing and then gathered her into his arms again. 

            “I’ll tell him angel.  Jack is one very lucky man.  I’ll see you tonight.”  Nancy nodded and walked him out of the room.  Izzy was nowhere to be seen but sounds of her slamming cabinets could be heard.  Coleman quirked an eyebrow and said, “Are you sure it’s safe?  She may be awfully small but I have a feeling she can be ferocious when she’s upset.”  Nancy laughed,

            “More like a lioness protecting her cubs. We’ll be fine, I promise.”  Still doubtful, Coleman gave in.  He kissed the top of her head and said,

            “Jack’s chains compliment your beauty Nance but your willingness to accept them so gracefully compliments your desire to submit.  That is a beautiful and priceless gift to Jack.”  She flushed and thanked him, his words reminding her of Jack’s possessive gift and all it represented.  He gave her another kiss as she walked him down the stairs and out of the store.  Nancy locked the front door and flipped the sign to ‘Closed.’.  She turned out the front lights and then walked back upstairs and into the small kitchen. 

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