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Chapter One

Keri sighed once again, wondering how in hell she and Adam ended up married to each other when they were nothing alike.  He was a Scrooge, and she loved Christmas.  It was a time to give and give and make others happy!  But did Adam understand that?  No, he was a Scrooge who felt that giving gifts belonged in a budget.  On Thanksgiving evening he had informed her precisely how much she was permitted to spend on each person on her shopping list, and when she told him she spent more than that on her co-workers, he advised her that she needed to rethink the situation, and get very creative if she had to.  He made it clear that he expected her to follow the budget he set… or else she would be paying for it. How was she to know that he didn’t mean she would be paying the extra out of her paycheck?  No, her extremely old-fashioned husband meant that she would be paying for the overspending out of her hide!

The first time that Adam spanked her, Keri was caught off guard.  She didn’t know that anyone spanked these days… unless it was in the bedroom and for sexy fun!  She and another woman had exchanged words in a grocery store, and Adam warned her to settle down.  Instead of calming her, Keri grew angrier, and she picked up a tomato and squished it in the other woman’s face!  Adam promptly knelt on the floor of the grocery, right there in the produce department, pulled her down over his bent knee, and smacked her bottom.  Keri was too shocked to be angry over the incident, even when he took her home, bared her fanny, and gave her a much longer and sounder spanking that had her screaming bloody murder!

Still, she thought it merely a freakish incident because he was overly stressed from work.  It didn’t occur to Keri that the man thoroughly believed in spanking.  Oh, they’d had a couple of minor disagreements when they were dating, but it wasn’t until they married that Adam told her that he expected her to live within their means.  They both wanted to buy a home as soon as possible, and he insisted that would only happen if she learned to save money… and not spend it all as soon as she earned it.  He also declared that their credit cards were for emergency use only, and he did not think a sale at Macy’s constituted an emergency!  Keri did try to cut back somewhat, but when he gave her a budget for Christmas spending, she thought he was teasing her!  It wasn’t until she’d spent every penny of that budget, plus a good amount besides, that a comment he made warned her he was actually serious! She told him she couldn’t possibly maintain that budget, and told him he was Scrooge-like.  He warned her that he wouldn’t tolerate over-spending, and she told him that she did not agree with him at all.  He gave her a look that he meant to be intimidating, and nothing further was said.

Keri did as she pleased.  She spent as she was used to doing, buying wonderful gifts that she knew her siblings and parents would love, and getting her friends special gifts as well.  She also took great delight in finding just the right gifts for her husband, wanting to see looks of joy on his face.

On Christmas morning he gave her curious looks after he opened his gifts, and those looks were repeated at her parents’ home later that day.  On the way home, Adam asked if she managed to find some great sales, and she’d merely laughed.  He didn’t need to know what she spent.  After all, what he didn’t know couldn’t hurt him.  She’d watched her mother hide bills and receipts from her father for years, and he was blissfully unaware of her spending habits.  It was only natural that Keri do the same thing.

Only, she was new to this, and there was the world of the Internet to contend with.  Adam apparently went on line to pay bills and was shocked when he saw how much she spent.  He checked their credit cards, and the money she’d taken from their checking and savings accounts, and he was angry.  The call she received told her in no uncertain terms that she was in trouble.  She told him she was willing to pay the extra, just as he said she would.  Adam grew quiet on the other end of the telephone and said, “Keri Marie Gillespie, that is not the kind of ‘pay’ that I meant.  You have gone out of your way to disobey me and disregard what I said.  You will pay for that with such a sore butt that you will never repeat this sort of thing.  I expect to find you waiting with your nose in the corner when I get home, and you’d best have your butt bared.”  The phone went dead then, and she was left to fret over that telephone call all afternoon while she tried to concentrate on work.

She’d been in the corner for nearly twenty minutes, and he was late!  She wasn’t enjoying just standing here, looking into the corner.  He could have called and warned her if he was going to be late, but no, he wanted to embarrass her!  Standing in the corner was a child’s punishment!  He wasn’t being fair!

Finally, she heard the garage door open and she felt the muscles in her bottom jump in concern.  How could he want to spank her for giving gifts to those they love?  She was as generous with his family as with hers, even though his family lived oversees and they couldn’t go to see them right now.  She shopped for them first, and shipped their gifts early.  They called on Christmas morning to thank them for the wonderful presents, and there was no hint that they thought her extravagant.  Why was Adam such a Scrooge?

As soon as he entered the bedroom, Keri said, “You are not being fair, Adam Gillespie!  I told you I did not agree with your budget!  I like Christmas, and I like to give gifts that make people happy.  I earn money, too, and if I want to spend what I earn, then I will do so!”

“Do you want to buy a home?” he demanded.

“You know I do!”

“Your spending certainly doesn’t look like it.  The reason we are on a budget is so we can save money.  It’s going to take two months to replace the money you spent.”

“So what?  Life doesn’t stop because you want to buy a house.  Christmas happens only once a year, and I will not be cheap with my family and friends because you are a Scrooge!  I’d rather wait an extra year to buy a home if it means I can’t spend an extra twenty dollars without your going berserk!”

“You showed me disrespect, Mrs. Gillespie.  I warned you before we married that I would not tolerate such behavior.  The spanking you are getting tonight is just a small sample of the punishment you face.  You are going to learn a greater respect for this marriage and for all it stands for.  You will be punished until every cent of that money is made up.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Tell me that by this time next week.  It is obvious you have no idea of what the term domestic discipline means. It is up to me to teach you.”

“And if I don’t want to learn?” she demanded.

“Then there is no point in our staying together,” he stated coldly.  “For me a marriage without respect is not a marriage at all.”

“You don’t understand, Adam.  I didn’t know you were serious about that stupid budget.  When you said I would pay, I took it to mean that anything I spent over that amount was on me.  I can’t see why that should bother you so much!”

“I can’t see why it wouldn’t bother you.  We agreed we wanted to buy a house, did we not?  I explained to you that it would mean sacrifices now so that we can afford the kind of house we want.  We also need money for the down payment, for closing costs, and for any repairs or updates the house needs before we move in.  You agreed that you would budget.”

“Yes, I did, but I never agreed to budget Christmas, Adam!  To me that is reprehensible!”

“To me it is reprehensible that you spent so much of the money we saved in addition to running up the credit cards.”

“What did you do; spy on me?” Keri demanded.

“No; I went to see if there was enough money in the account to get new tires for your car.  I was shocked when I saw the balance, and one thing led to another.  I felt like crying, Keri.  You didn’t even discuss this; you just did as you pleased.”

“I didn’t think you were serious about the budget; I honestly thought you were teasing me.  I told you then that I spend over that amount on my girlfriends every year.”

“I didn’t believe you were that irresponsible.”

“I am not irresponsible!” Keri yelled, stomping her foot angrily.  “You are miserly!”

“I am also pissed off, Keri.  You are going to find yourself shaping up over the next few weeks while you make up the money you spent foolishly.  If ever a wife needed a punishment, you certainly do.”

Keri squealed when he picked her up and carried her to their bed.  He dropped her, and then flipped her over so that she was lying face-down, and then he started spanking.

“Owwwww!  That hurts!” Keri sputtered angrily, kicking her feet against the bed.

“It is supposed to hurt.”  Adam was going to spank her pretty bottom thoroughly, and when he was done with that, his Keri was going to learn what happens when she overspends.  She may not have the money completely paid back for some time, but he could guarantee she would never willfully disregard his wishes again. 

“Stop it, Adam!  You are killing me!” Keri whimpered.  “You are going to make me cry!”

“That is the general idea, wife.  A punishment spanking is supposed to make you cry.  It is supposed to hurt and make your butt so sore you won’t want to sit down for several days.  It is supposed to be painful enough that you won’t want to earn another one ever again.”  He continued to spank her, scolding until she was still sobbing and lying limply on the bed.  His hand was burning unbearably, too.  He stopped the spanking and then stood up.  “Back in the corner with you, Keri. Once you stop crying and have calmed down, we’ll discuss the rest of your punishment.

When she didn’t move, but continued to cry, he gave her sit spots another hard crack with his hand!  “Owwww!”

“Get up and get back in the corner.  I am not going to be lenient with you, Keri.”

“I thought you loved me!” she sobbed.

“With all of my heart, wife,” he insisted, his voice hoarse.  “I love you so much that this is giving me intense pain, but I love you enough to put up with my pain to insure our marriage lasts, and baby, it won’t last with such disrespect between us.  We need to fix our marriage, right along with fixing our budget.  Now, please do as you were told, or I’ll need to take off my belt and stripe you.”

This time Keri did as she was told, although it pained her to move.  Her heart hurt just as much as her backside did.  What could she do to prove to him that she was very sorry and she would do better?  She did not want this discord between them.  Eventually, she was able to stop crying and pull herself together. She hoped that whatever Adam had in mind for further punishment did not involve spanking.  She was in so much pain it hurt to stand in the corner.  Just when she was ready to call his name and ask if he’d forgotten her, Adam came over to the corner to speak to her.

“Are you able to understand what I am saying now, Keri?”

“Yes.  Adam, I am so sorry!  I did not mean to upset you to this extent.  I honestly thought you meant I would pay in terms of money.  I would have discussed this with you if I’d understood.”

“I believe you, Keri.  You were raised without discipline, and in time you will learn to understand what is meant.  What matters now is to fix things.  You obviously need more discipline, and I intend to supply that.  I knew that I was letting things slide, thinking we would naturally come to understand each other better.  I need to be a better leader, and I’ll be working on that while you find ways to make up the money you spent.”

“How am I going to do that?” she asked, turning to face him.  He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her to face the corner again.  “This is not fair, Adam!  How can we talk like this?”

“You are being punished and we will talk in whatever manner I say for now.”  He paused and then asked, “Do you hear me?”

“Yes, I am not deaf!” Sarcasm was obviously not permitted.  His hand cracked on her backside again.  “Oww!  Please stop!  I’m sorry!” She felt tears welling up once again.  “You have no idea how much I hurt, honey!  My skin is very sensitive, and I bruise easily.”

“Then respect me and do as I ask.”

“I will.  But, would it hurt so terribly much if we looked at each other to discuss things?” she wanted to know.  “I just want to see your face.”

“Arguing with me during a punishment isn’t acceptable.  You will spend some free time this evening writing that five hundred times.”

Keri was shocked.  Was he actually giving her lines to write?

“Yes, you are going to pay back the money, and you will be doing without a lot of things you take for granted so that you can do so more quickly.  There will be no Starbucks, or other places like it, for the foreseeable future. The money that you spend on special coffees, lattes, and teas will all go into our bank account.  You will pack your lunch from home and eat it at work instead of going out with your friends or co-workers.  There will be no shopping, unless it is for a necessity, and I will look over the list before you do the shopping.  There won’t be any shoes, clothes, and no movies or concerts, either.  And, if you haven’t figured it out by now, our New Year’s Eve plans are canceled.  That money will go toward the credit cards.”

“You mean to make my life a living hell, don’t you?”

“No, I mean to show you what happens when you disregard something we have agreed upon.  If you’d gone over by a few dollars, I probably would have ignored it, but you went crazy on the spending, Keri.  Do you know what you spent in total?”

“No.”  She didn’t know.

“I thought as much.  I want you to go and get each and every receipt and sit down at the breakfast bar and figure it up.  When you are finished, we will discuss the total, and what other punishments you feel will help you learn your lesson.  Go on now.”  When she went to the closet to get a robe, he took it from her.  “No.  You are being punished, and you will not have the use of clothing until I tell you that you may.”

“I can’t sit out there like this, Adam!  Someone could come by…! My brother!  You know how he drops by on a whim without calling first!”

“You will now write your lines seven hundred and fifty times.  Arguing with me during a punishment is not permitted.  Fetch those receipts.”

Keri tried to tell herself that at least she wasn’t standing in the corner any longer, but walking out to the kitchen counter where she kept her handbag was absolutely embarrassing.  “Adam, could you please come and close the drapes?  Please?” She begged of him, and to her surprise he actually came and did as she asked.  “Thank you so much,” she whispered, tears running down her cheeks once again.

“You are my wife; I respect your modesty.  I know how you respected yourself before we met and married; I would not change that about you.”  He watched as she started taking receipts out of her billfold, and as the pile grew, her eyes grew huge.  “Some of these are for gas and groceries, and for lunch and coffees,” she explained. 

“Sort them out.  While you are doing that, I will make dinner.”

“I’m not very hungry,” she said.  The last thing she wanted to do was sit down on one of the bar stools, or at their dining room table.  Those chairs had no padding at all!

“You need to eat, Keri. Have you found all of the receipts?” 

“I think so.”

“Good, you can sit here at the counter and start adding them up.  I want to see if your total matches mine.”

Keri leaned on the counter and grabbed a sheet of the scrap paper they kept by the landline phone to take messages.  She started sorting and adding the receipts and was absorbed in the task when Adam rounded the bar with a wooden spoon in his hand.  Before she realized his intentions, he’d bent her over the stool she normally sat upon and started spanking her again, aiming for her sit spots.  Keri gasped in pain and tried to scramble off the stool, but her husband was strong, and he easily held her in place and continued to spank her with the wooden spoon!

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