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Chapter One

“You go and stand in the corner, Mrs. Randolph, and we’ll finish this spanking after I see what Molly needs,” David Randolph gave his lovely wife one more hard spank on her reddened bottom, helped her up, and sent her straight to the corner of their bedroom in the old house that used to belong to Brianna’s grandmother.

Bri didn’t want to go to the corner, but she was being punished, and if she argued with David, she would only make matters worse.  She hoped he would make the call from their bedroom because she’d heard the upset in her sister-in-law’s voice when she left the message on their answering machine a couple of minutes ago, and she was concerned, too.  Her butt was stinging, and it was all she could do to resist rubbing while she stood there and tried to listen to David’s end of the conversation.

“Miss Molly, what is going on?” Brianna heard David ask his younger sister.  He’d finished raising Molly when their parents were killed in a car accident fourteen years earlier, and it was hard for him to back off now that she was grown and married to Stephen Mitchell.  After listening silently for a couple of minutes, he finally spoke, “Damn it all to hell!  How badly are you hurt, honey?” he asked, and Bri didn’t bother staying in the corner.  She rushed over to stand beside him, concern in her pretty brown eyes as she openly listened to the conversation.

“Are you sure it’s not serious, Molly?  Okay.  You bet we’ll come.  We’ll leave here as soon as we get packed,” he promised, looking at his wife.  “You stay in bed.”  He listened and then said reassuringly, “I’m sure Brianna can get someone to cover for her.  She’ll want to help you.”  He listened again and then said softly, “I love you, too, baby.  Don’t worry about anything.  We’re on our way.”  He hung up, and then looked at Bri.  “Molly was robbed at gunpoint today in the parking lot where she buys groceries.  The guy took her pocketbook, and shoved her down.  She was injured… her back.  The doctor wants her to stay off her feet and let the pressure and swelling in her muscles go down… She has a weekend scheduled, and is in a lot of pain, and asked if we could come and help.  Stephen is out of town and she can’t reach him.  Can you get free of the nursery on such short notice?” he asked hopefully.

“Yes.  I’ll make a call right now,” Bri replied immediately, and picked up the telephone to call her assistant.  “Chris… It’s Brianna.  I have a family emergency and need to go out of town tonight and at least for the weekend.  Can you cover for me?  Thanks so much.  I’ll make sure you get some time off when I get back,” she promised, and gave him a couple of other instructions.  Then she made another call.  “Pearl, it’s Bri.  David and I are leaving in a little while for the weekend.  We’re going to visit Molly.  Do you need anything before we leave?”  She listened, and then smiled.  “That’s fantastic.  Enjoy their visit, and we’ll come and see you when we get home, dear.”   She hung up and then looked at David, who was already busy packing a suitcase.  “Mark and his family are with Pearl and staying all weekend, so she won’t be alone.”

“Good.  I’m going to forget the corner time you owe me, Bri, but you aren’t getting out of the rest of your spanking.  Lie over the end of the bed and tell me why you are getting this punishment,” he ordered, bringing her mind right back where it needed to be to accept the rest of her spanking.

“I didn’t charge my cell phone again,” she confessed.  “I’m sorry, David.  I’ll try harder.”

“Yes, you will.  You are getting twenty-five, and do you know why you are getting that many?” he asked as he slipped his belt from the loops on his jeans.

“No!” she looked at him in horror.  On top of the spanking she’d already had, twenty-five with David’s belt was going to make her totally miserable… especially when they had such a long drive ahead of them!

“Because you were twenty-five minutes late last night, and that was how long I had to worry when I couldn’t reach you on your cell phone,” he told her.  “You’ll get one stripe for each minute of worry,” he said firmly, and the first lick of the belt caught her on her left sit spot.  The second was to her right side,” and Brianna cried out in pain.

“Please, David!  That is enough!  I will do better, I promise!”  The belt landed again, even harder!  “Owwwww!  Honey, it hurts!  And we have a long drive!  Please stop!”

“You earned this spanking, and you’ll sit on it,” David said firmly, continuing to stripe her sit spots while she cried out at each slap of the belt on her sensitive skin.

“It’s not fair!” Brianna accused, flipping over on the bed.  David barely stopped the downswing of the belt in time to keep from striking her!

“Not fair?” he raised one dark eyebrow.  “How is this not fair?” he wanted to know.

“You already spanked me hard last night for being so late!” she reminded him.

“I spanked you because we agreed that you were working too many hours and needed to keep to a schedule.  You didn’t do that, and it was the third time this week you were late.  This strapping is for letting me worry, young lady, and not the same thing at all,” he insisted, and then said, “Now, we will start all over.  Get back into position, and I’ll see if I can’t convince you that carrying your charged cell phone is a good idea.”

“Honey, we have a five hour drive!” she pouted.  “Please… I don’t want to be miserable.”

“Do you want me to double the strapping?” he asked, and watched her dark eyes widen.

“No, David!  I don’t want you to strap me at all!” Brianna said pleadingly.  “We will be riding in the car for a long time… and…”

“And you will either turn your bottom up now and take your strapping, or I will double this strapping and you will then sit flush on your bottom with no squirming the entire trip.”  David wasn’t about to let his feisty wife call the shots.

Brianna couldn’t believe that David was so inflexible, but he was perfectly serious, and she had no choice but to obey him.  If he had to physically turn her over for the strapping, he would do so, double it, and then give her another punishment for not accepting this one like an adult.  Reluctantly, she turned over onto her stomach, prepared to take the strapping, and wishing she’d done so in the first place.  David would spank harder now.  “Could you please count the six you gave me already, honey?” she asked hopefully.

“No.  We will start over, and this time you will count them out loud and ask for the next one.  If you fail to do this, Brianna, I will continue until we reach fifty.”  He started right then, and the first lick of the belt was across the fullest part of her rump.

Brianna yelped, her body jerking in reflex.  “One.  May I have the next one?” she asked, trying to obey David.  He obliged, and she realized that this strapping was going to be very hard indeed.  “Owwwww!  Two.  Please, David, not so hard… May I have another?” she requested, and the third one caught her full across her sit spots.  Since she was already so sore there, she couldn’t keep from crying.  “Three… May I have another?”  He complied with another stripe across the last one.  Brianna cried out again, and it took her longer to say, “Four.  Another, please?”  David striped her left thigh.  Brianna screamed in pain.  “No more, honey, please!  Please, no more!  I’m so sorry I was late!”

“Do you want fifty?” he asked calmly, reminding her that she needed to count or he would resume and give her double.

“Nooooo!  Oh God, no!  This is just awful,” Brianna cried, but she whispered, “Five.  Please not so hard, honey… Another…?”  She didn’t have to wait.  The sixth stripe was her to right thigh, and meant to match the one on the left side.  It hurt just as much and she felt the welts rise on her delicate skin.  “Six,” she managed through her tears.  “Another?”

David gave her the seventh one on top of the last one, and felt nothing but sympathy for his pretty, but stubborn, little wife.  The last six months had been a serious period of adjustment for both of them.  He’d sold his condo and moved to live in the old house Brianna’s grandmother left her.  Neither he nor Brianna were used to living with another person, and they were used to doing as they pleased about coming and going.  They loved each other, and were working on living together harmoniously.  He hated that he needed to be so firm with his lovely redhead, but he needed to make a point.  If he let her get away with being late and not carrying her cell phone because she forgot to charge it, he would only end up facing this situation again in a few days.  He knew his wife very well, and while he did sympathize with her and hated being so firm, it was crucial to their marriage.  He let out his breath in relief when she said, “Seven.  Another one, please?”  He gave her another, on top of the other stripe on her left thigh, and felt awful when she screamed in pain again. 

“Eight,” Brianna said.  She wanted to beg him to stop, but knew he wouldn’t.  She just needed to get it over with.  Still, it was getting harder and harder to ask him to give her the next spank when it hurt so much!  “David…” she implored him, but said, “another.”

David gave her the ninth one across her cheeks.  She gasped, but he could tell it wasn’t as painful as striking her thighs.  Once she counted and asked for the next, he gave her the tenth across the last one.  Her gasp of pain was even longer and more pronounced.  She managed to say, “Ten.  Could this be enough, David?  Please?  If not, then another, please.  I don’t want to start over again,” she cried, sounding heartbroken.

“You’re doing well, honey.  I’ll count the rest for you since you’ve tried so hard,” David told her, and then placed his left hand on her lower back.  She’d told him once that it helped her and gave her strength to get through a punishment.  “Eleven,” he said, and cracked the belt on her bottom again.  She cried out immediately, and he said, “Twelve,” and welted the same place again.  David continued, making each stroke very deliberate, and giving her just enough time to dread the belt before it exploded on her skin, leaving stinging red welts.

The strapping was awful, and Brianna was sobbing and begging David for it to be over.  He reminded her why she was suffering the painful punishment and she promised not to let him worry about her again.  She knew that she would keep her cell phone charged from now on… but David didn’t listen to her promises.  He was determined to make his point on her already sore and throbbing bottom, and he continued until she’d had all twenty-five strokes of his belt.  Sitting on the car seat for the five hour drive to Molly’s home was not going to be pleasant.

“Do you think you can remember to charge your cell phone now, Bri?” David asked.

“Yes, I will!” she immediately promised.

“The next time you forget I will give you no less than fifty with my belt.  Is this clear?”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered.  “I won’t forget again.”  He helped her up off the bed, and gave her a hug and kiss.  “I’m sorry I worried you, David.  I won’t do that again,” she promised, looking up at him and getting a tender smile for her efforts.

“I will hold you to that, honey.  You can get dressed now and get packed.  I want to be on the road within fifteen minutes if at all possible.”

“I don’t think I can sit!” she told him, clearly unhappy.

“You can sit, you just won’t enjoy it,” he said with a gentle smile.  “Now hurry up, honey.  I want to get there as soon as possible to see for myself that Molly is all right.  I hope the cops catch the guy who robbed her.  And, I don’t like the idea that he has her ID and knows where she lives.  She’s pretty secluded out there, and with Stephen out of town, I’m worried for her.”

Brianna managed to put on her panties and jeans, and then slipped her shoes on her feet.  She was totally miserable, but she knew that David was quite serious about leaving in fifteen minutes.  Her butt was stinging and sore, and the welts were throbbing.  Her jeans held in the heat, and she longed to undress and crawl between the sheets on their bed.  Brianna knew that David wouldn’t give her much time for packing, so she needed to clear her head and throw whatever she needed into a bag.  She tried to keep her mind focused, and entirely too soon for her sore bottom, they were loaded into David’s BMW and on their way to Whispering Willow Manor.

The leather seats that were normally so comfortable felt awful and Brianna simply couldn’t sit still.  She tried to be circumspect in her squirming, but eventually she started whining and complaining.  David looked at her and admonished, “We have four more hours, Bri.  Settle down, sit still, and talk about something besides how sore you are.”

“That’s easy for you to say, David Randolph.  You aren’t the one sitting on a sore butt.  I asked you not to do this, but nooooo!  You had to be all super mad and make your stupid point.  Now I have to put up with being too sore to sit, and that is just not fair!  If you’d listened to me, we could have been on the road sooner, and I wouldn’t be feeling like this!  It’s all your fault, and I have a right to whine and complain if I want to!  I should make you turn around and take me home!” she pouted.

David eased the car into the right lane, and then pulled off into a rest area.

“Good… I need a break,” Brianna stated as he followed the curved driveway into the rest area.

“No, what you need is a sound spanking, Mrs. Randolph, and that is precisely what you are going to get.”

“Oh, David, no!” Brianna protested, but he parked his vehicle as far away from the building and other cars as possible.  They were fairly hidden in the shadows. 

“Get out of the car,” he ordered sharply.

“David, I’m sorry.  I’ll stop complaining,” she immediately offered.

“I’m sure you will, Brianna, because I’ll stop again at the next rest area if you don’t,” he promised.  “Out of the car now.”

“Please, David, give me another chance.  I’m really sore and I don’t think I can handle another spanking.  I promise I won’t whine or complain.  Please, honey.”

David looked at her and then said, “It’s too late, Brianna.  You ignored me when I told you to knock it off, and then you became defiant.  You’ve earned another spanking, now get out of the car or I swear I will bare you and run the risk of having someone witness your spanking.” 

He was out of the car in the next second, and Brianna knew that she had only a few seconds to either get out of the car or risk a bare bottom spanking in public.  What he had planned was humiliating enough, and she decided it would be better to face that than have her bottom bare for any and all to see.  She got out of the car by the time he reached her door.

David took her hand and pulled her around behind the car and then he pushed the button on the car’s remote to open the trunk, effectively hiding them from view of most of the other visitors in the rest area. “Bend over and put your hands on your suitcase,” he instructed.

Brianna didn’t want to make this any worse, or any more embarrassing than it was!  She quickly did as she was told, and David immediately started spanking the seat of her jeans with his hand.  She was crying from the beginning because her poor bottom was truly sore and the spanks hurt even more than they did normally.  “Owwwww!” she complained.  “Oh David, please stop!  I’ll behave!” she promised.  He gave her another ten spanks, all to her painfully raw sit spots, and then pulled her up and turned her to face him.

“I’ll give you until the next rest area, Brianna.  If you don’t change your attitude and behavior completely, we’ll stop, and you’ll cut switches and I’ll use them.  Is that perfectly clear?”

“Yes, sir.  I will stop complaining,” she promised.  David put her in the car, and then he walked around and got behind the wheel.  He started the car again and within a minute they were back on the highway.  Brianna turned her head toward the window and did nothing to stop the tears flowing down her cheeks.  Why did she always end up making David so angry?   A few minutes later he reached over and took her hand in his and simply held it.  “I’m sorry, David,” she turned to look at him.  “I don’t know why I have to push your buttons like that.”

He smiled at her.  “Because you’re you, sweet Bri.  Don’t worry, I love you and I won’t let you get away with pushing me away, sweetheart.  I understand.”

She smiled in relief and then relaxed in her seat and they talked as they drove to Molly.  It was late when they arrived, and David was more than a little bit relieved when he parked the car outside the office and Jim Frankenmuth came out to greet them.  “You made good time, David,” he greeted the younger man.

“We didn’t stop much,” David revealed.  “I was worried about Molly being here alone after what happened.”

“Now, Eve and me weren’t about to let that happen.  Little Molly is in pain, and she needs care.  Sally is checking on her right now and giving her more medication, so let’s get your bags up to your room, and then you can go see Molly and let her know you got here safe so she’ll go to sleep.  Damn that jackass for hurting her anyway.  Sheriff Wilcox already caught the jerk and he’s behind bars.”

“That’s good to know,” Brianna said in genuine relief.

“Sure is, honey,” Jim agreed.  He helped David with their bags, and it didn’t take long to put them in their bedroom, the one that Molly kept just for them so they could visit whenever they wanted.

They went with him to Molly’s bedroom and Molly was obviously happy and relieved to see them.  “I’m so glad you’re here!” she said, tears filling her eyes as she reached out to hold David’s hands as he leaned down to kiss her.  Brianna kissed her too.  “I feel helpless,” she confessed.

“We’ll take care of you, Molly,” Brianna promised.

“I know… and I’m not worried about me so much, but this weekend… It’s important to Dora.  Her family has been at odds for some time, and she is hoping to bring them all together and work out their problems while doing something fun.”

“Dora is your friend from Culinary College, right?” Bri asked curiously. 

“Yes… You will like her, Bri.  She’s a wonderful person.  Will you take over my kitchen and deal with the food?  You’re a good cook, and I’ll help you as much as I can…?” she asked hopefully.  “I know that Eve will keep the girls who are hired to clean the bedrooms and do laundry under control… but I need someone in the kitchen, and Davey, I need you to take over running the mystery part of the weekend… and all of the actors… and register the guests and assign them their parts.  I am in so much pain I don’t think I can even make it downstairs right now,” she admitted, tears in her eyes.

“I’d like to take a broomstick to that son of a…”

“EVE, watch your language Jim scolded.  “You aren’t too big or too old for a soaping and a good spanking,” he added, shaking a finger at the red-faced woman.

“I can’t help it, Jim!  I hate seeing our Molly in so much pain!  You should see her back and her bottom!  She’s so bruised and scraped raw in spots!” Eve said indignantly.

“Well, now, honey, I know that boy is a son of a bitch and a bastard to boot, but it don’t sound right coming from your sweet lips.  You leave the cussing to me, now, hear?” Jim ordered, his blue eyes twinkling.

“Oh you!” Eve giggled in spite of herself, and was relieved to see that Molly was smiling, too.  “We’ll go on home now, honey, since your brother and sister-in-law are here.  I’ll be back real early to make darn sure the guest rooms are spit spot, and help out in the kitchen, too, if Bri needs my help.”  

“Eve and Jim, you are both such a blessing to me.  Thank you for coming when I called, and for staying here with me.  I was scared,” she admitted, her lower lip trembling.

“Well, now, you belong to us, honey,” Jim said emotionally.  “We wouldn’t let that no-good come here and hurt you, and the Sheriff has him locked up now, so he can’t hurt you.  You just let those pain killers work and rest like Doc said.”

“I’ll walk you out,” David said, and he left the room with the older couple, making sure to add his thanks to Molly’s.

“I’m afraid, Bri,” Molly whispered once David was out of the room.  “I saw the look in that horrible man’s eyes… He wanted to hurt me.  And if he gets out on bail, he’ll try to stop me from testifying against him.  He’s big… and he’s mean as can be.  I’m so glad that you and Davey are here.”

“We’re here, and we’re not leaving until this is settled,” Brianna promised Molly. 

“I can’t call Stephen, and he’s going to be so upset,” she said.  “He kept telling me that he had a feeling he shouldn’t go, and I insisted he was being silly and worrying too much.  He and Dora don’t get along at all, and I just thought the weekend would run smoother if he wasn’t here to find fault with her and her family.”

“I understand, and it’s not like you went out of your way to get assaulted and robbed,” Bri said soothingly.  She could see that Molly was getting drowsy.

“Young lady, you need to get some sleep,” David said firmly as he entered the room.  “I doubled checked all of the doors and windows downstairs, and everything is locked up tight.  You’re safe, and I’m right next door if you need anything at all.  Close your eyes now, baby, and if you need us, call out.  I promise I’ll hear you.”  He leaned down and kissed her, and kept talking softly until Molly drifted off to sleep.  He led Bri from the room then, and next door to their bedroom.  “You look beat, honey.  Let’s get to bed.”

Bri didn’t argue, and David was glad that she couldn’t see his face and his expression of horror when he saw how inflamed and welted her bottom still was.  He’d been much too hard on her! he feared.  But, Brianna snuggled against him lovingly, and they quickly fell asleep in each others’ arms.

No one was aware of the intruder hiding downstairs.

To be continued…



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