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by Zelda

When my husband spanks me, there's a ritual to it. If I've misbehaved outside the home, I am usually warned, "I'm going to wear you out when we get home," or "You're going to GET IT." Then, once home, he guides me towards the bedroom.

If I've acted out at home, there's usually no warning, just a hand at the nape of my neck, or firmly grasping my upper arm, leading me into the bedroom. Though I'm not proud of this, I've often fought him along the way: Dragging my feet, grabbing hold of objects to prevent us moving forward, even running into the bathroom or bedroom and locking the door if I can manage before he catches me. But, even if I manage to get away, he always manages to pry open the door with a butter knife or wait me out until I unlock the door, and my other attempts at avoidance are mere annoyances to him, not very effective at all.

Once inside the bedroom, he sits on the bed and pushes me down over his left knee, with my upper torso supported by the bed. His right leg scissors both of my legs, to minimize kicking. I used to kick a LOT and struggle perpetually during a spanking, even one I knew I deserved, just because the pain was so unbearable. Recently, I mean in the last few months or so, he's forbidden me to move during a spanking. If I struggle, just like if I fight him when coming into the bedroom, I earn extra punishment.

He's always forbidden what he calls "carrying on" during a spanking. Although I thought it was impossible, recently I've managed to stay perfectly silent during a spanking. Of course, once I mastered this, he went on to forbid movement. Even a toe moving an inch can result in extra spanks. And heaven help me if I so much as utter a tiny sob. That results in MANY more spanks. He's not cruel in doing this. Just determined to show me how much of my behavior I have control over.

When we first started spanking, I thought I would NEVER be able to stay quiet for his spankings: They HURT so much!!! I mean they really, really hurt. Well, it's taken 8 years together, but I have, indeed, managed to stay silent during some of his worst punishments. Which goes to show, I guess, that he was right. I DO have self-control. Who'd have guessed it?

Anyway, back to the ritual. After being draped over him, I can usually expect a soft rub, or light pat before the actual assault on my bottom begins. Just to make me aware of my precarious position and to let me know I'm about to be spanked. As if I need reminding. But then, the part I like least, the spanking starts. No warm-up. He doesn't believe in those. I feel every stroke, whether from paddle, belt, hairbrush or hand, hard and fast. I rarely can catch my breath at this time.

Don’t get me wrong: I love that I am a spanked wife. But I despise actually getting spanked. I enjoy it before and after the spanking part, but never during. I suppose I am turned on by the IDEA of a spanking, but not by the spanking itself. The spanking just plain hurts. I’m talking about discipline spankings now, not the erotic, good-girl, I’m-about-to-get-sex type of spanking. Those I just adore.

But back to discipline. He often stops mid-way to determine how contrite I am. If I'm a good girl, I might get by with just a few more spanks before it's over. But if I still have an "attitude," or even if I'm slightly contrite, but not entirely as sweet spoken as he would like, then it's back over the lap for more. Sometimes, if I'm particularly stubborn, this process can repeat itself five, six, even ten more times. I usually hate it while it's happening and curse myself inside for mouthing off during a spanking, but on some level, I must want more, otherwise, why on earth would I talk back to a man wielding an implement?

But eventually, all spankings, even the longest, most painful ones, come to an end. I am usually still for a few minutes, and remain in position until I hear him order me, "Up! up!" at which point, I struggle to stand and face him. He will then look into my eyes to make sure there's no defiance left. Once satisfied, he usually pulls me onto his lap for cuddle time. Now, depending on his mood, we can either go on to more sordid activities together, or, if I've been particularly horrid, I am put down on the bed, with no books to read, no television to watch, no entertainment AT ALL, for a time-out, which usually lasts from a half hour to an hour. I am not allowed up, and if I do get up for ANY reason, or if I make a fuss about this, I'm in for another spanking.

Often, at the end of one of the really intense sessions, the kind that result in a time-out, I am so worn-out I need to take a nap anyway, so the time-out is really a blessing. He kind of wishes I'd stay up during that time, and think about what I did wrong, but often, the very reason I earned a spanking was because I was cranky from lack of sleep, so this, I believe, is a fine solution for dealing with my sleepy transgressions. And he's never mad if I fall asleep, just a bit annoyed at worst.

But you can bet I am an angel for the next little while ... Until it's time for another spanking, of course. ; )