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Welcome to Bethany's Library

We're hoping to add interesting adult spanking articles to the library on a regular basis. Please note that we have acknowledged sources when we know them.


Cariy Simon talks on Fox News about why she gets spanked by a band member before a performance.  (Added 9/11/08 - As things are often removed from YouTube, no guarantee that this will keep working!)

How My Husband Spanks Me
from the author of Zelda's Time Out
Our Story by Jenevieve Rose
The Problem With Smoke Detectors by Bethany
Bethany's real life spanking story, originally posted upon her blog. Even though Bethany's husband is absolutely zealous about safety precautions, Bethany doesn't share his sentiments... and her escapades to get rid of those noisy little things winds her over her husband's knee for a little lesson about fire-safety.


A Spanking Primer Part One from

Why Spanking? from

Erotic Spanking Unveiled from Metrosexual

Domestic Discipline in Relationships
Part 1. How spanking might work in a relationship where a woman wishes to live under the authority of her husband.
Part 2. Making it real for her.
Part 3. Maintaining authority.

A Spanking Primer by Josh
How to give an effective punishment spanking... The article is oriented towards the couple who is experimenting with "real" discipline and punishment for the first time.

Barb's Bad Day
A man who firmly believes in spanking misbehaving wives dialogues with a friend about what "should" have happened on "Barb's Bad Day."

On Submission
Two women dialogue about what submission means in their relationships.

My First Adult Spanking
This is an extremely poweful retelling of a woman's search for her first adult spanking and how it ultimately came about. (Updated with some safety comments from Bethany on 4/08/99.)

The Importance of Positioning
Lean how to spank... the importance of positioning during spanking and how to achieve it. Illustrated with explicit photographs borrowed from various sources.

It's a Spanko Thing
An extremely thought provoking article concerning what's it's really like to be a "spanko" in our society and why it's still so much more difficult to acknowledge this interest than it is to admit to other sexual interests.

Where Have All the Spankings Gone?
This article, the first of any kind Bethany wrote on spanking, was originally published in Strictly Speaking in 1992. It contains Bethany's reflections on the politically correct swing she noticed in mainstream fiction (primarily romance) between the early 1980's and early 1990's. The trend continues.

How I Got My Husband to Spank Me
This article details how a woman, interested in spanking for many years, got her husband to begin spanking her.