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What's Best about Bethany's Woodshed?

That question is hard to answer, but high on the list has to be our VARIETY! We have spanking cowboys, strict knights in shining armor, and men from the future who KNOW how to handle their brats! We have all genres, from very erotic to soft and sweet. We have contemporary stories that deal realistically with genuine domestic discipline relationships, and fantasy sci-fi that will soar you to other worlds. Please read our samples on our Free and Sample Stories page, and then consider joining us. With regular updates, great authors, and all new, all exclusive material, if you want to read spanking stories you simply cannot be disappointed.

Beginning June 2012, TWO updates per week!

Each week Bethany's Woodshed is updated twice. On Mondays, we update with a completed novella - no waiting! Each novella will be 4-6 chapters. This is 15,000 - 20,000 words.

Each Thursday, we update with six individual chapters of our ongoing novels. Novels now run consecutively until completed - no long waits.

In our Free and Sample Stories page, we post Chapter One of most every story currently running in Bethany's Woodshed Members' Area, as well as a description of each story and some free stories as well. Click the link at the right from any page in our free area to read these samples.

And don't forget, we leave completed novels and novellas in Bethany's for four months after they are finished. At any point, a new member will get a minimum of twenty completed stories as soon as he/she joins, as well as all of our "in progress" material, plus many "bonus" short stories.

No better place to read spanking stories! No better value!

The number of stories that will complete on Bethany's does vary month to month due to the fact that the weekly stories are different lengths. Some months three might complete; other months perhaps only one. Each month, however, four novellas (4-6 chapters) are posted (on months with five Monday, five will be posted.) So each month, members should receive a minimum of five completed novels!

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