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Want to try your hand at writing a spanking story? Try one of our contests!

We'd love to have you enter one of our contests. It's a great way to start writing for us if you've never written a story before. We do not have a regular contest schedule, so check this page from time to time. We do try to run approximately two contests a year.

OCTOBER 2011 CONTEST: Real-Life Spanking Book
Length: 1,550 - 3,000 words
Due: Nov 1st, 2011
Prize: $50 & A free book copy.
Details below.

As most members know, we publish all the stories that have been removed from Bethany's Woodshed and Spanking Romance, plus original novels never published anywhere before, on  Blushing Books. Many of you may not realize that we also publish on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple's IBooks, as well as many smaller sites.

We are currently soliciting material for a new book which may be titled "Real Spankings." (Or something else... we don't know for sure yet!) This book will contain multiple "real" spanking stories from women who really get them. We've included here a link to a (unfortunately true) story written by Bethany many years ago. This story, told in the first person, is just the sort of entry we are looking for. This story will be in the book.

This particular story ("The Problem With Smoke Detectors") was posted several years ago on our old blog. It is about 1500 words long.

If you would like to participate in the book, and think you have a story to tell here are the guidelines:

1. These are real life contemporary stories of real spankings in genuine domestic discipline relationships. 
2. They should be male / female only, and told in the context of an adult relationship. (No daddy/daughter, for example).
3. The should be told in the first person, though they can either be from the male point of view or the female point of view. 
4. The smoke detector story is told from a humorous point of view. While the stories are not required to be humorous, these are not "essays."  (For example, "How I Got My Husband to Spank Me.")  There should be an element of either humor, or drama in them.  These are first person accounts but they are also "stories."
5. They should be 1500 - 3000 words in length.

We intend to pick 10-15 stories (depending on length) for the book. Each author will be paid $50.00 and will also get a free copy of the book (either a print copy or an eBook - your choice.) You may submit more than one story but if we use two of yours we may require you to use different pseudonyms for each one.

The deadline for this is November 1st, 2011.

Send your entries (with the phrase "RS Book" in the subject line) to


Attach the story to the email. We prefer .doc. If you do not have Microsoft Word, save your story in your word processor as .rtf or .txt. If you are entering in more than one story, please send separate emails for each one.