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...for extended punishment spanking with no bruising.

Dear Bethany,

Could you please help my husband & I pick out the right paddle to use? We want something that will cover both cheeks horizontally in one spank, and something that will not cause bruises easily (my husband has a pretty good arm...). We want to be able to engage in fairly long punishment spankings safely.

Do you have any advice? Thank-you very much for your time.


From Bethany

Hi DogLover-

Based on my own experience, much "better" (relative term) results are almost always achieved with a smaller paddle for a couple of reasons. A paddle big enough to cover both cheeks simultaneously is also going to have a fair amount of wind resistance. Some people counter this by drilling holes in the paddles, but I've heard that this can lead to real blisters and broken skin if not used with a great deal of care. We have some longer paddles, but even when he uses one (and they are not our favorites) he still tends to swat only one cheek at a time. It's just hard, I think, to get the spankee lined up perfectly so you can get in that even smack. And with longer paddles, you can't angle very effective shots on the insides of the thighs, for example. I know that a longer school/fraternity paddle is visually "classic," but it is not the most effective implement for a real spanking.

A smaller paddle gives the spanker much more control. The most effective paddle we have is about six inches long (paddle part) three inches wide with a handle about four inches long and 3/8ths of an inch thick. I've gotten spankings with it that were not severe at all and a few others that absolutely left me howling... (including one for telling a lie which I remember VERY well!) It all depends on how hard he whacks you. It also does not bruise, though a really hard spanking is going to leave red surface marks. (Bruising is going to come from heavier, smaller implements like the dreaded hairbrush, which put more force into a small surface area.)

The other implement in our collection that is very effective is a hardwood old-fashioned fifteen inch ruler. (Antique store find.) It really doesn't look that scary, but I've gotten some very attention grabbing spankings with it.

For covering both cheeks simultaneously, a strap is probably best. The spanker has to be careful NOT to let the end of the strap wrap around the hip, because if that happens you can get some horrible bruises on your hips. But we have a razor strop (another antique store find) and I will tell you that, with the exception of the riding crop, this is the most severe implement we have.

Hope this helps.


I know there are a lot of other people with experience that could expand on this. Please send your comments!