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Need some Spanking Advice?

Many of these letters have been available on Bethany's Woodshed for many years. Watch this page, as we will be launching our new interactive advice column soon, where you can post your own answers to questions in "real time."

Paula has serious questions about when the fantasy of erotic spankings meet the reality of DD.
Jo wants to know how to handle was appears to be a growing spanking interest in her own young daughter.
For someone whose never been spanked, it's hard to know how much you read in the stories is "real" and how much is just pretend. What's a genunine spanking like? How does abuse and punishment differ. Bethany and Jim both tackle this one for Sarah.
Taylor gets her first spanking and is shocked at the bruising. What's normal? What's not?
What about spanking in public? Stacey wants to know .
Carole wants to know how to make her spanking fantasy a reality as she prepares for her first "real" spanking.
A couple struggles with the issue of how to deal with her "guilt" when her behavior is related to something he did.
Ed wants his girlfriend to spank him. Not Bethany's usual cup of tea, but still some comments about communicating needs in relationships.
Cathy from Florida revists again the "husband won't spank" topic, but this time with a slightly different twist. This husband did spank... and suddenly stopped.
Kristin wants to know about those "just because" maintenence spankings.
An anonymous reader has a husband with whom she has never dicussed her interest. Is she doomed to have this only be a fantasy forever?
Nikki asks about whether she should still be subjected to maternal spankings.
DogLover asks about the best implements for extended punishment spankings with no bruising.
Lindsay touches on some very difficult questions about issues and about how much can or should spanking really accomplish in anyone's life? A very tough question.
John from New Orleans asks about a spanking encounter that didn't end quite the way he had intended. The lady protested a little too much....
Casey from California and her husband are wondering about taking their "erotic" only relationship to a level that involves "real" discipline.
Susan from Missouri has a husband who is willing to spank her... but the spark just isn't there.